Monday, March 31, 2014

Kraftwerk live @ Rockpalast 1970

This has been all over the place throughout the past days but needs to be reblogged again due to being a historical document and a quite radical musical approach given the fact that this show happened back in 1970. Via Tanith .

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Egotronic - Die Natur Ist Dein Feind [Audiolith Promo]

It's been only a few days since we reviewed Egotronic's latest split-single effort which was released prior to the bands new album "Die Natur Ist Dein Feind" via Audiolith , introducing the bands new PunkRock-paved musical pathway to their audience with a brand new track that's not featured on the longplay vinyl. And talking the album in general it takes a bit until one gets used to the new Egotronic sound which changed radically but still naturally due to the re-adjustments made. Once known for serving heavily pounding, more often party-induced ElectroPunk the new sound is of a more melancholic kind with a Punk-induced PowerPop twist that's also influenced by echoes of NDW / New German Wave - especially have a closer look on the bassline and structure of "Ich Will Nicht Rein" for this - with lyrics depicting more an abstract state of mind and society felt by the groups mastermind Torsun Burkhardt instead of dealing with concrete themes and issues. If there's one meta-theme to describe the overall feel of "Die Natur Ist Dein Feind" which - quite astoundingly - doesn't feature one single song that fully correlates with the punchline-aesthetics and slogan'esque sing-a-long style the band has turned into a trademark art form throughout their years on the scene it might be the color grey associated with concrete Berlin walls of the cold war shaped by nuclear angst and the threats imminent throughout the 80s. To name "Die Natur Ist Dein Feind" as envisioning a society crestfallen would be a little too much but it's the deepest, most reflective, thought-provoking Egotronic album so far which might distract parts of their fan base for a reason but that's the price to be paid for advancement, progress and radical musical moves necessary. Some might be disappointed or surprised at least but if one takes the time to listen closely until the end there's no chance not to dig songs like the great Dackelblut-cover "Edwin Van Der Sar" or "Noch Nicht Vorbei" although they're not exactly what everyone might expect looking back at the bands greatest hits like "Raven Gegen Deutschland" or "Was Soll's?". Check out the video for "Noch Nicht Vorbei" and the huge 30 minute documentary feature below.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tostado / Dr. NoiseM [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Ready to hit down hard on all lovers of Noize and Harsh Experimental Electronics is the recent and third volume of the so-called "Hard Wire Tapes"-series which is put on the circuit as a limited edition of 15 tape copies only via Dr. NoiseM Tapes, leaving 158 seconds room on each side for the featured artists to express theirselves through heavy eruptions of audio material. Whilst Tostado fills this room with layers of sirens, processed human voices screaming in panic or overwhelming angst and unpredictable HarshNoize bursts adding another dimension to ongoing the sonic depiction of chaotic scenes happening in an urban environment we see Dr. NoiseM experimenting with sterile but buzzing electrical feedbacks, shunt faults and weird filter action going from time to time. This amalgamation is force-fused with sounds seemingly extracted from a uberly tilted pokey or a crashed Amiga game in the very end of this short piece before it - pretty abruptly - comes to a halt. If you're listening to music by Merzbow, Lasse Marhaug or The Haters when you start to wake up in the morning you'll like this for sure.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Imagine This - Freedom *Orphan Remix (Free Download)

When uber-dope Advanced HipHop meets DigiSoul and athmospheric, seductive bass from the deepest dungeons of the sonic ultraworld. Huge!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Egotronic feat. Koljah / Grim104 feat. Testo [Audiolith Promo]

Here it is. The next offering served by Audiolith's so called singles club series is another well recommendable 45rpm 7" vinyl piece, this time combining the raw and rugged new PunkRock-flavored sound of Egotronic who are, now transformed to classic band line up with real drums and guitars, dealing with the lately discovered rheumatism disease of vocalist Torsun Burkhardt who's well willing to fight this declaration of war by his very own body with the song "Kriegserklärung" on this one. StreetPunk vs. only a few electronic elements that  can be witnessed through the video featured in this post. On the flip we see some new faces popping up within the Audiolith roster - Grim104 feat. Testo. Rockin' some quite dope'ish, classic HipHop beats here, dissing the commercial side of German Rap in an undeniably creative way that speaks of intransic insanity and a deeply driven love for HipHop music in it's most purist form. No gangsterism or Hipster Rap included her.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Merky Ace @ BBC 1Xtra - 08-01-2013 (DJ Cameo UKG Show)

A little more than a year has gone since this show was up on BBC 1Xtra but Merky Ace is burning still - if you're in for the Grime you're about to love this one for sure.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Darkness Falls - Hazy (Official Video)

The Danish queens of PostWave are back and we defo do like that. Don't dare to call them DreamPop.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Farben & James DIN A4 - Farben presents James DIN A4 [faitiche 012 Promo]

Coming up next on Jan Jelinek's very own faitiche-Label is this conceptual ten track album which sees the label owner kinda curating the musical oeuvre of James DIN A4, picking ten of his personal favorites and using his very own Farben alias to weigh in here, speaking in terms of presentation. The result of this process at large can be described as a journey into hyper-detailed but still blurred, quavering MicroHouse realms with a friendly twist, adding layers and layers and layers of sound bits, using the discreet bassdrum and other percussive elements as canvas for a sonic collage that only by chance happens to be dancefloor friendly, kind of. But interestingly it's one of the three short'ish and beatless interludes -"Rettung" - that turns out to be the most fascinating piece on this album as it seems to work around the same parameters as Kostnice's 2005-released Dark Ambient / NeoClassical masterpiece "Finsterfelden" which is one of my personal alltime classics in this specific field. When it comes to more dancefloor-driven pieces on "Farben presents James DIN A4" it's the subaquatic House of "Krieghelm Hundewasser" that wins the race due to its quite seductively bubbling basslines and the dark'ish, late night BarJazz-like chords slowly emerging in the tracks second part, reminiscing about a very special kind of House sound established by a few Viennese producers like the Pulsinger / Tunakan collaborations throughout early TripHop and Downtempo years. Nice.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

baze.djunkiii presents Platinum Garage @ ByteFM ⁠[⁠19.06.2008 / 01.00 - 02.00 GMT+1⁠]

In anticipation of this friday's "Pure Garage And Silk" show in Hamburg here's 60 minutes of pure SpeedGarage, 4x4 and Niche once played live @ ByteFM.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Orcas - Yearling [Morr Music 128 Promo]

With their sophomore album "Yearling" scheduled for April, 4th the Orcas project of Benoit Pioulard and Rafael Anton Irisarri progressed from a duo into a quadruple pack of musicians as Martyn Heyne of Efterklang and Michael Lerner - also known as Telekinesis - entered the formation to participate in the groups musical vision that can be described and defined as a blurred, shoegazing version of intimate IndieFolk that's neither afraid of Ambient-driven spheres - see the introductionary "Petrichor" for this - or burly drummings accompanied by heavy distortion and feedback waves as well as twang guitars. If one listens closely one might even recognize that tender, acoustic tribute is paid to Boards Of Canada's legendary "Music Has The Right To Children" album in songs like the intimate "Half Light" whilst the bass induced "Selah" unveils a deep, possibly sub-aquatic Ambient feel for all those being in love with Deep Listening Music which, due to its slowly emerging beat structures, seems to be a perfect tune to get ChillOut floors into the groove. Listening to the first 90 seconds of "An Absolute" one might even think of Alt.Country-references before the soft shoegazing vocals do strike again and the follow-up "Filament" walks down a dark'ish, possibly even ritual'esque and defo Lynch-influenced alley with thudding drums and sacred athmospheres. Finally things come full circle with the closing "Tell" which, once again, is a meandering Ambient piece of cinematic qualities and approx. 9 minutes of total playtime, sending each and every listener into the land of dreams due to its varying, all embracing flow.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Emptyset - Recur [Raster-Noton 151 Promo]

Raster-Noton. Albeit having released a few occasional dancefloor suitable records throughout all its years on the circuit the label has always been standing strong as a firm reliable fortress in terms of releasing a steady string of records that, usually, went way beyond what the common understanding of music is, building and feeding a growing followship craving for what might be described as meta music  exploring and re-thinking the micro sounds of the digital age. So it makes perfect sense to see Emptyset's nine track album "Recur" appear on the label only recently as the duo of James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas have proven their refined sense for meta rhythms and musical abstractions with releases on labels like CLR, Subtext and Caravan Recordings. And although I've got to admit that none of their previous releases fully convinced me in the past listening to a full 35 minutes of buzzing, Industrial-flavored Rhythmic Noize and Electronica as well hissing Death Ambient - listen to "Absence" for the darkest Drone and processed Field Recording layers released in the past months! - featured on "Recur" whilst experiencing the detailed movements within the stereo field on cranked up headphones turns out to be quite a thrilling thing to do. Therefore, and given the fact that "Lens" balances between Ultra Slow Motion Dubstep and creepy, electric Illbient at its best, "Recur" can - at least from our point of view - be rated as the best longplay effort unleashed by Emptyset so far. Recommended for fans of Pan Sonic and all things related.

Monday, March 10, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 03/2014

01. Garnier - AF 0490 [Still Music Chicago]
Laurent Garnier a.k.a. Garnier is a true master of his craft and defo serving three bangers on this one. Whilst the trademark intro hihats of "Bang (The Underground Doesn't Stop)" reminisce about the still massive Trance classic "Age Of Love" stomping, highly fueled drums are marching floorward, a sampled and cut childs choir is doing its thing, piano stabs provide a quite on-point, uplifting feel, brushes go mad and things get a bit jazzy when it comes to short, well-elaborate moments of climax. On the flip "Boom (Chakolak)" serves huge 808 bassdrums and a stripped down Electro swing that perfectly suits into both GhettoTech / GhettoHouse as well as Future Garage / UK Funky sets with its skeletal approach and driving claps and snares that are about to drive punters mad. Buying two copies of this 12" for turntable tricks seems to be a considerable move when it comes to this tune. Finally "Beat (Da BoxX)" turns out to be a tense, heavyweight primetime slammer for all those addicted to the wild pitch movement and classic labels like Radikal Fear or the likes of bringing raw, untamed House music to those who know.

02. Frederico Leocata - The Man From Another Place [Last Known Trajectory]
Skipping through the Electro shelves and crates of your local record store there's always that one single record that sticks out due to its special, unique look and when that happened throughout the last year or so it's most likely that this record was one released by the great imprint Last Known Trajectory that sports sealed silver foil packaging for each and every single one of the labels catalogue. Living up to this cold, quite futuristic design we see the Italian producer and audo-visual artist Frederico Leocata serving a bunch of five slow motion Electro tracks with a moody, threatening but still kind of listening or ambient'ish feel which could perfectly serve as soundtrack for scifi-classics like "The Andromeda Strain" or likeminded movie pieces. Deep as fuck and well recommended to all Electro headz out there.

03. Vince Watson - Planet Funk [Poker Flat Recordings 145 Promo]
Steve Bug's Poker Flat Recordings seems to be on a more technoid tip these days, serving some musical greatness coming straight from the desk of Bio-head Vince Watson who's about to take dancefloors by storm with the epic, thrilling, Detroit-infused melancholia spread by the title track, its overwhelmingly blue synth line and progressing stabs which are transferred into more stripped down, frolicking TechHouse realms by Berlin's Marco Resmann on the flip. Finally we see Vince Watson explore a kind of tribal'esque "Paradise" with the track of the same name serving late night strings of epic beauty and a warm ocean of organic bass falling together as a perfect example and blueprint of a style they once named Intelligent Techno.

04. Cybotron - Enter [Fantasy Records / Decision]
A seminal classic. The beginning of Electro. The prototype of Detroit Techno. Released 31 years ago and still relevant enough to be repressed on vinyl for the first time ever since its initial release back in 1983. If you love electronic music of any kind you'll need to buy and own this. There's no excuses.

05. Andy Ash - Workin E.P. [Dessous Recordings 118 Promo]
Dessous Recordings seems to re-adjust its musical focus a bit with this one that's turning away from the DeepHouse and introducing uplifting but still undeniably Detroit-influenced House music with the title track featured on the A-side whilst "Mind Flow" on B1 introduces itself as a classic late night groover with well known and loved female vox bits, classic bass tone movements, claps and sexy, longing string arrangements. Finally we see the B2 track "Release An Check Pt.1" providing deep, traditional vibes again, introducing vibrating chords and lively 303-movements accompanied by ecstatic breakdowns for those who know. Sweet one.

06. My Favorite Robot - Atomic Age Remixes [No. 19 044]
A massive triple bag of remixes for tracks taken off the latest My Favorite Robot album "Atomic Age" is provided by the likes of Jimmy Edgar, Mr G and Kate Simko here, covering the full spectrum from anthemic Techno with chrome synth hooks emerging from distortion filters and highly digital circuits, deep, epic bass perfectly balanced with what might be named as uber-functional Tribal Tech and finally a stripped-down, spring-flavored vision of high quality Romantic House tenderly pleasing all those who love to fall in love on the dancefloor.

07. Andrade - Madness E.P. [Dessous Recordings 119 Promo]
If you like your House music deep, intimate and kinda tool'ish this one might be well appealing to you as it embraces the term "late night groove" to the fullest. Albeit not the best or most thrilling Dessous Recordings release these three cuts provide some decent sweetness for all those jocks playing the very late or early morning hours before a long night slowly comes an end. 

08. -

09. - 

10. -

Sunday, March 09, 2014 Exclusive Premiere: [aniYo kore] - Butterflies (Official Video)

After the largely successful first ever video premiere on these pages presenting [aniYo kore]'s super great track and video "Stinging Nettle" in January announcing their new single to come we're proud to present the second track from that single which has been launched via EmptyHeadRichHeart as highly limited 7" pressing this weekend. Named "Butterflies" we see the band exploring ultimately stripped down, skeletal and beatless pathways just made of vocals and simple melodies of plain beauty, kinda reminiscing about intimate Folk and even methods of medieval minnesong that seem to be beamed into a 21st century studio on demand. Surprising and well wowing and so is the silhoutte technique using video that accompanies "Butterflies" - once again crafted by the Bløff art collective. Enjoy!

[aniYo kore] - Butterflies (Official Video) from [aniYo kore] on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Sticker Love & World Domination Website Launch

Most of the regular readers of these pages have seen the occasional post entitled "Sticker Love & World Domination" popping up every now and then throughout the past years, introducing the latest shots of baze.djunkiii stickers sent in from somewhere around the globe - or next door. After the recent launch of the Streetart Daily page it is now time to provide a single, unique home for these specific baze.djunkiii-centric pictures that will be hosted on a separate page from now on that has been launched today and will be filled with a full picture archive of baze.djunkiii-related stickers that are literally spread all over the place. Find the new page at

Friday, March 07, 2014

Downliners Sekt - Silent Ascent [inFine Promo]

Finally, after being announced for a long time prior to this date, to be released on April 7th is "Silent Ascent", the label debut album for Downliners Sekt after two 12" releases on the eclectic inFine imprint. Once again meandering through their very own, precisely defined sonic realms incorporating Dubstep, Broken Techno, blurry PostStep-atmospheres and, that goes for most of the twelve tunes featured on "Silent Ascent", a vibe that will be appreciated by all followers of the so-called FutureGarage movement the Downliners' sound revolves around decent bass and a sparse, reduced but never minimalistic beat structure that, in all of its different layouts and variations, seems to be most suitable for very late night crowds longing for pure groove instead of having heavily twisted basslines and triple warped layers of multi-synth war nuking the dancefloor for hours. This one's for the more advanced headz out there that do appreciate the twisted MythStep-worlds provided by the legendary Shackleton, high quality DubTechno and producers like Deadbeat or even James Ruskin which are continually crossing borders between the straight 4/4 drums and more complex patterns. Three to check: "Eigers Dreams",  the sweet cinematic Ambient skit going by the name of "Reversal" and the tender, intimate "Etern" which seems to touched by somewhat medieval Folk textures in certain ways. Nice and well-varied.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Ryoji Ikeda - Supercodex [Raster Noton Promo]

Released via the great conceptually working Raster-Noton label Ryoji Ikeda recently unleashed his 20 tracks strong "Supercodex"-album - part three in a series of three albums and an uber-precise, highly digital affair consisting of super fast electronic pulses, digital chatters and dithers, abstracted rhythm signatures and machinegun attacks, danceable for mathematic minds only and, if at all, playable in a club context to those used to consume fragmented structures and sonic brutalism usually coming from those active in the fields of Breakcore, Speedcore and Rhythm Industrial. And although the brute force is not a part of the "Supercodex" concept at all I bet the majority of people out there will refer to listening to a full 60 minutes of sonic cut-ups and structural meta phonk of the more advanced kind as an act of torture for a reason. The steady high-speed mode of sonic on / sonic off-events which - like in "Supercodex 6" - is partly even spread over the whole stereo field might turn out to be nerve wrecking when listening to them in the wrong mood but if things are clicking this is the future of 25th century Braindance - and super great! Unfortunately not available on vinyl but recommended for those still sticking to the CD format which, given the digital 0-1-aesthetics of sound storage of the medium, might be regarded as the right and suitable medium for music of this abstract nature.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

A Large Yet Largely Undiscovered Voice In Bass Music - Jade H

Based in Essex, UK I stumbled across Jade H on Soundcloud just recently and totally feel loads of ppl should open their ears widely - this lady is able to rise if catching up with the right producers. Her voice could be adding largely to a shitload of tunes... Especially when she's singing I think there's loads of potential that defo needs to be exposed to the scene. Check her.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Lewi B - Beef

Lewi B - better known as Lewis Birtles to has parents - kicks dark shit again. Getting ready for the "Beef" the young producers provides some epic quality - a soundtrack for large scale 23rd century murder and bloodshed. He's ready to kill a soundbwoy for shure. Huge.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Maritta Sonnenschein - Canned Spirits Part 2 [#chilloutberlin Video]

A dark, black hole of a track able to suck you in and to heavily transform your space-time-continuum. Recommended for the strong minded only.