Thursday, March 31, 2011

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2011

01. The Crystal Apes - Broken End *baze.djunkiii meets The Crystal Apes 'When Time Decays There's No Need For Architecture' Remix [Dubplate]
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02. The Crystal Apes - I Can't Believe *baze.djunkiii meets The Crystal Apes 'Breakbeats Dream Of 92' Remix [Dubplate]
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03. Ira Atari - Shift [Audiolith Promo]
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04. [Plangent Records 001]
Three tracks of melancholic Deep-/ Intelligent-/ Armchair Techno plus one short'ish Ambient Electro piece all served on a stamped white label 12" with no information given on artist or track names. That's what I call a proper attitude and defo a good start for a new label. Me wants more!

05. Kaval - Sky Of Mirrors [Das Drehmoment 014 Promo]
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06. Orphan 101 - Into You EP [Saigon Recordings 004]
Defo a producer to follow these days as Orphan 101 easily manages to combine elements of Dubstep, 4Beat / 4x4 and thrilling Detroit references to create something fresh and uptempo with a slightly ravey feel. This one's a banger, don't miss to check the experimental, atmospheric breakdown of "Into You".

07. Mikkel Metal - Pamon 403 EP [Echochord 049]
Echochord is one of the labels that, although their output rate is quite high, almost never disappoint with their releases and seem to keep quality standards as high as they can although not every release is a clear must have, especially not for those who've witnessed the first wave of DubTechno floating through clubs and venues worldwide. Mikkel Metal leaves the dubbed out paths behind with this one and fuses technoid deepness with a neo-trancey attitude and metallic melodies. A thrilling amalgamation not only for those who're into the sound of Mr. Donnacha Costello and the likes of.

08. Trentemøller - Shades Of Marble *Remixes [In My Room 005 Promo]
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09. Kasper Bjørke - Symptoms EP [HFN Music 007 Promo]
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10. Forward To The Past [Poker Flat Recordings Promo]
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Forward To The Past [Poker Flat Recordings Promo]

Anticipation was set high when Poker Flat Recordings introduced the concept of a new compilation paying homage to the classic Chicago- / Acid- / New York House and Detroit Techno sound of the 1985-92 with the release of the labels' 117 which hit this worlds dancefloors with two stunning tunes and it was set even higher when rumours revealed participants like Redshape, Deetron, Sasse and Cle amongst others. Now "Forward To The Past" has been put on the promo circuit as 2x12" including eight and CD including twelve tracks featuring the tunes of Poker Flat 117 plus two additional exclusives by Polus and Cab Drivers. Amongst further contributors delivering are KINK & Neville Watson, Ribn and The Revenge and what they deliver is quality referring to these early days, but one - especially if you were brought up on a diet of the original vibe - can easily recognize that these tunes are only trying to recreate a vibe that once ruled the clubs. Production standards of today are way too clean, the mixdowns too sane and the dynamic work too elaborated to mess or compete with the raw sound of the original era so I guess reactions on this one will be split. If one just cares about how these tracks work the crowd this compilation is a proper one, if one refers to the anticipation level created by the prequel 12" and the whole concept one might have expected a little more. A track to check: TJ Kong & Modular K - Jack Shit.

T J Kong & Modular K - Jack Shit by Poker Flat Recordings

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Show-B - Came Down In Time [Poker Flat Recordings 118 Promo]

Poker Flat Recordings introduces a fresh face to its roster with the labels 118 - Mathias Schober a.k.a. Show-B. "Far Down" on the A-side is a TechHouse-piece slightly influenced by 'troity abstraction, jacking claps, featuring quirky sounds and an ever moving bassline, a combination that might confuse some of the labels followers as this is not the sound Poker Flat is known for but a step towards something new. "Times Comes" and "Time Comes (Dub)" on the flip are on a similar tip, but closer to the sound of producers like Move D. or Alex Smoke with a dubby edge on top of some hollow sounding bassdrum arrangements.

Burnski - Sometime Takes Longer [Dessous Recordings 103 Promo]

It's been three long years now since James Burnham a.k.a. Burnski released his Dessous Recordings-debut but now he's finally back on the label with a brand new three-tracker. On the A-side the title track "Sometimes Takes Longer" is to be found, a hypnotic and slightly trancey piece featuring characteristic vocal snippets about to work well in huge spaces, no matter if they're located in New York, Miami or Ibiza. On the flip we'll have "There's Is A Culprit", tool'ish and tracky with some filtered House-chords and a female vox bit that some of you Drum'n'Bass-headz out there might recognize from the 1997-released 011 of Promo Recordings, and "Watch Out" which is another quite functional piece for all of you House music jocks out there. Not necessarily the best release in Burnski's career so far, but three tracks of solid quality.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kasper Bjørke - Symptoms EP [HFN Music 007 Promo]

Scheduled for release via HFN Music is Kasper Bjørke's "Symptoms EP" which includes a bunch of four brand new tracks - "Symptoms", "Discopick", "Man From Venice" and "Nico", all about to please those who love their sound special, no matter if it comes to crisp synths with ElectroHouse influences, slow motion DiscoFunk with a Cosmic twist, long hypnotic dancefloor movers or sweet synth melodies with a discoid vibe. These variations of electronic music are to be found here and if that appeals to you, you should defo consider to add this 12" to your collection quickly.

Trentemøller - Shades Of Marble Remixes [In My Room 005 Promo]

The man Trentemøller comes up with a new 12" these days which is to be released via In My Room as their 005 and contains three remixes of "Shades Of Marble", a track originally released on Trentemøller's longplayer "Into The Great Wide Yonder". On the A-side Mr. Trentemøller himself takes care of his own tracks and serves a dark, moody rework for late night dancefloors that's to be called nothing less than epic. Especially the gloomy, psyched out breakdown with its excellent string arrangements will drive punters mad. On the flip of this strong relick two more mixes are to be found - one by KiNK for the Minimal / TechHouse crew that's quality but not that outstanding plus Kasper Bjørke's remix who aims at a crowd ready for some slowed-down, ultra funky shit - this one will be loved by DeepHouse- , Disco- and Cosmic-headz alike and will be played out by advanced jocks for ages.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

eVADE - In Space / Twist [Chillzone Records]

eVADE is responsible for the latest release on Chillzone Records and comes up with two new pieces on this one. Whilst "In Space" is a nice piece of - guess what? - Space Electro and even seems to sample some strings taken off the legendary "Starship Enterprise" series, "Twist" can be described as a calming, slow motion hybrid of Electro and Ambient, made for ChillOut-floors and deep armchair listening. We do like.

Sascha Müller - Krankenhaus (ORANGE) [SM Traxxx 007]

"Krankenhaus Orange" is Sascha Müller's seventh sequel of his "Krankenhaus"-series and this time he aims at those who love their Techno stomp raw, simple, stripped down and slightly acidic, no matter if they prefer a straight 4-2-the-floor or a beat structure referring to heavy Electro / TechnoJazz provided by the likes of I-F, Drexciya, Steve Stoll or Cari Lekebusch in their mid-nineties heydays. Tracks for purists.

Danny Oghla - Frost Tracker EP [Super 6 Records 0622]

The ever busy Super 6 Records adds another fresh one to its endless stream of releases floating - Danny Oghla's "Frost Tracker EP" which includes the original track which is a nice piece of lively, positive TechHouse on a summer vibe plus two additional remixes by Sascha Müller and the Bengala Boys production team. Last mentioned catch up on the same vibe but manage to transfer the whole scenario into an ElectroHouse environment musically and add some epic basslines and slightly commercial or at least mass moving appeal whilst Sascha Müller comes up with a thrilling Rave-/Trance-flavored workout for huge areas and laser lights. Nice.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Win BETA-ZERFALL Tickets For April 21st!

As announced before we'll set up the next BETA-ZERFALL-show on 21st of April @ Hamburg's Gruenspan. For all those who're broke or just like to win things there's the chance to win three double-tickets via Good luck, folks!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ira Atari - Shift [Audiolith Promo]

Watch out world! Ira Atari, our beloved but yet uncrowned queen of Neo Glitz, the next thing big in Space Pop, has just recently released her new album "Shift" via Hamburgs infamous Audiolith Records and it is an album full of bangers. Alongside Ja!kob of Frittenbude-fame at the controls all twelve tracks represent Ira at her best, emphasizing her restless, breathless, unique vocals on top of lively ever moving but still glitzy tunes that could be partly described as a 2011 sequel of ItaloDisco, a style that has been clearly influential in her musical upbringing. But it's not only the past thats reflected here - especially tunes like the IndieElectro-hybrid "Miss Progression" make clear that Ja!kob's Frittenbude-experiences play a role as well and sometimes one might recognize even a slight range of sounds and basslines influenced by UK Urban subgenres likes Brostep or Filth. If you're the one looking for anthems to set dancefloors on fire check out tracks like the surprisingly technoid and hypnotizing "Follow", "Tired" or "Don't Wanna Miss You", a tune in which Miss Ira Atari partly sounds like Björk. Defo recommended and one that'll be stuck in my box for quite a while - on heavy rotation.

Ira Atari - Don't Wanna Miss You (Radio Edit) by Audiolith

Friday, March 18, 2011

31.03.2011 Wax Unlimited @ Klingel 3 / Hamburg

file under: DubTechno / TechHouse / Minimal / Armchair Techno / Electro

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]
Monoton []

doors: 10 P.M.

Klingel 3
Friedrichstrasse 36
Hamburg St. Pauli

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Presale Tickets: BETA-ZERFALL presents NO MORE on September 30th

We're very proud to announce that NO MORE are about to celebrate the 30 years anniversary of their uber-hit "Suicide Commando" with us at a forthcoming BETA-ZERFALL show scheduled for september 30th, taking place at Hamburg's Uebel & Gefährlich Turmzimmer.

As we expect the show to be packed we recommend to get your presale tickets in time via

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Crystal Apes - I Can't Believe *baze.djunkiii meets The Crystal Apes 'Breakbeats Dream Of 92' Remix

The Crystal Apes - I Can't Believe *baze.djunkiii meets The Crystal Apes... by bazedjunkiii

This one's as well to be released on the forthcoming "Remixes & Versions EP Vol. 1" by The Crystal Apes - coming out on April 21st as four-track digital download EP and limited six-track CD edition of 100 copies worldwide.

We'll celebrate the release of this EP throughout our next BETA-ZERFALL party scheduled for April 21st @ Gruenspan / Hamburg.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Words On: New Horizon 4

Once again I gotta send props to Lübecks Outrider Crew for setting up a proper night out in their home town. Playing @ New Horizon 4 last night was good fun and although playing a seven hours set @ Hamburgs Landgang on friday and catching only about 3 hours of sleep after that took its toll especially through my - kinda sloppy and not really focused - TechHouse-/Minimal-set in the end of the night I was really surprised that there's still a lot of appreciation and love for UK-/ Breakbeat Garage out there, coming not only from those who've been around when this sound broke through a decade ago but also from the younger - teen even! - raving crew.
Really enjoyed to see some familiar faces, meeting new folks - Eva! -, partying and listening to some fine tunes - especially the good old classic HipHop selection spun by Jan Doe & Hamstarr was remarkable, hadn't heard some of these tunes in a club environment for ages. Also was good to have a chat with Chicken of Giana Brotherz after years again - you're a sick bastard ;). Drop a mail when you're up north next time...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Kaval - Sky Of Mirrors [Das Drehmoment 014 Promo]

It's been nearly three years now since our favorite Berlin-based label Das Drehmoment released their last piece of vinyl followed by a long period of silence. But now they're back for 2011 with Kaval's "Sky Of Mirrors", a surprising move for the label as the production duo of Roberto Auser and Ian Martin provides ten tracks of fine scenic Ritual- / Death Ambient on their longplayer that is only slightly influenced by the Cosmic-/ ItaloDisco-/ SynthWave-sounds Das Drehmoment is known and loved for by its followers but aims towards an audience familiar with Experimental Electronics, Deep Listening Music, Drones and - an association that easily comes to mind - soundtracks / scores for John Carpenter films or Ivor Slaney's work for movies like "Terror" or "Prey". If names and genres like these well fit in your musical taste you should not miss this album for any reason. Recommended.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Darkness Falls - Hey!

This is for sure my favorite piece of spooky Wave-/ PostPunk-influenced music released in 2011 so far and has defo seen some dancefloor appreciation at our regular BETA-ZERFALL parties. Check it.

Monday, March 07, 2011

206 - Hallo Hoelle

Here's a video from the 206-guys who've been recently putting out their album "Republik Der Heiserkeit" via ZickZack / What's So Funny About. 206 are on tour right now and will play a show at Hamburgs Uebel & Gefährlich on March 19th.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

A Free Download From Japan

INORI -Original Mix- by Taisei Okazaki

For all of you who love some proper, raw Downtempo / TripHop with Detroit-influenced string arrangements. Enjoy.

Noro - Radvanaken EP [Super 6 Records 061.5]

Another fresh one on Super 6 Records is Noro's label debut named "Radvanakan EP" including three numbered, same titled tracks plus a remix by label head Sascha Müller. Musicwise, the original tracks to be found this one can be filed under the flag of deep, pumping and tribalistic Club Techno which will be loved by those who appreciated the sound of producers like Oliver Ho whilst Sascha Müllers refix takes "Radavanakan 2" up to a harder, more energetic but still tribalistic level. True style Techno for those who know. Recommended.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sascha Müller - Krankenhaus (BLACK) [SM Traxxx 006]

Sascha Müller presents another sequel of his "Krankenhaus" colour series with the tracks "Krankenhaus Black 1" and "Krankenhaus Black 2" which have been released recently through SM Traxxx as the labels 006. Both are to be described as hard, nerve wrecking pieces of experimental Acid for the headstrong and to be played out at small underground basement parties attended by those who really know. Play these to someone who loves the standard Minimal Techno of today and he'll be feeling fear.

Sascha Müller - Himmelfahrt EP [Super 6 Records 061]

Recently put on the circuit via his very own Super 6 Records-imprint is Sascha Müller's newest four tracker named "Himmelfahrt EP" which is about to please all lovers of thrilling and banging Acid Techno right. Raw, hypnotic, uncut and made for prime time abuse - if that's the way you love your electronic music these tracks are made for you. Check 'em.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

baze.djunkiii Charts 03/2011

01. Jack Is Back [Poker Flat Recordings 117 Promo]
Check review for details...

02. Piet Van Dongen - Vulcanic Ass [Audiomatique Recordings 043 Promo]
Check review for details...

03. [Millions Of Moments 012]
Amongst the mass amounts of DubTechno-related releases that hit the record store shelves these days there are not many to be called essential as a big lot of these just copy & paste the past without adding a new variation or idea to the genre. This four track EP pf unknown origin but released via the Millions Of Moments-camp makes a big difference as its super warm basslines refer to classical Dub rather than to a technoid background, building a nice embracing sonic environment that one'd love to experience on a proper club P.A. for now and ever. There's a need for music like this and even more for parties that focus on pure DubTechno. Good for home listening pleasure as well and soon to become a sought after item.

04. The 24Seven feat. Violetta Parisini - Stand Still *Remixes [The 24Seven Records]
Interesting 12" featuring a GD Luxxe remix of "Stand Still" plus three other reworks that add brand new flavors to Violetta Parisini's ethereal voice. No matter if you're into Future Garage, bassheavy Dubstep or thrilling Detroit Techno - this one is about to please you for sure. Also recommended to followers of James Blake or Various Productions.

05. I'm Not A Band - Electrolin [ADP Records Promo]
Check review for details...

06. 206 - Republik Der Heiserkeit [ZickZack / What's So Funny About]
Check review for details...

07. Wolfgang Voigt - Du Musst Nichts Sagen [Profan 034]
Two tracks by Colognes master of Techno Classical abstraction. "Rückverzauberung 2" on the A-side can be filed under the flag of Ambient / NeoClassical creating a dense romantic atmosphere by the use of reprocessed string instruments and other things we all know from his most world famous Gas-moniker whilst the title track "Du Musst Nichts Sagen" on the flip is a repetitive, abstract and conceptual piece of Slow Motion Techno playing around with monotonous multiple-time patterns and NeoClassical drones. Music for the headstrong. Or for inhabitants of a neuropathic hospital.

08. Jamie Anderson & Owain K - Without Sound [Dessous Recordings 101]
I really don't why I missed on this Dessous Recordings-release when it was flaoting around on the promo circuit, but with quality tracks like these it was an easy decision to grab a full release from the record store shelves. Jamie Anders & Owain K serve three excellent variations of House / DeepHouse, sometimes slightly dubby, sometimes quite positive and uplifting. Timeless and to be stuck in the box for quite a while.

09. -

10. -

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

You Say France & I Whistle - Angry Boy EP [Pitch Music Promo]

Fresh via Pitch Music is the latest EP of You Say France & I Whistle entitled "Angry Boy" which is actually their debut and a five song piece of approximately 19 minutes playtime that can be best described as dancefloor and airplay friendly IndiePop for youngsters that does no harm to no-one with tunes like "OMG" or the more uptempo "When Lovers Die". You Say France & I Whistle are not around to save Indie from whatever but I'm quite sure that they're about to build up a huge and lively fan base of passionate Indie kids within shortest of time. A full length album is announced for summer of 2011 so their story has only begun.