Thursday, November 24, 2005

26.11.05 Cut'n'Lupuz & baze.djunkiii Showcase @ Kiel TV / Kiel FM

Sometimes things happen quite spontaneously when you're into music. Received a phonecall from Roste - our tour manager which handles forthcoming Rudel Records tours which will be tearing up venues in 2006 - two days ago if we got time to travel to Kiel, a city up in North Germany, on next saturday for a showcase @ the "Nightlife Live" show, which will be transmitted live simultaneously at Kiel FM as well as broadcasted via Kiel TV.

So if you happen to be located in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein or even South Denmark make sure to have glimpse on your telly or take a listen via radio.

"Nightlife Live" starts at 20oo CET and will be transmitted live via

101.2 Kiel FM /Radio
Cable Channel S9 Kiel TV /Television

within the above mentioned territories. The whole show runs for 120 minutes and will include a 3 to 4 track Cut'n'Lupuz live set as well as a short Grime showcase DJ-set by baze.djunkiii plus - if there's enough time as we're not the only ones to be featured at the show - a bit of interview business. Chekkit!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Highball Music pres. Hardplayers in the Mix Vol. 2 - mixed by baze.djunkiii

1. Marc Green pres. Didje Kelli - White Noise (Grand Slam Mix)
2. Baphomet ft. Voodoo Man - Voodoo Party (Merlyn Remix)
3. Marc Green pres. MG - Die Maschinen laufen weiter (Stigmata Remix)
4. Jean The Ripper - Across the Star
5. Pet Duo vs. Holgi Star & Stereo Jack - Kaputt
6. Sebastian Prelar - Work that Bitch
7. Sebastian Prelar - Freaky Hoes
8. Club Baby - Babycore Part 2 (Felix Kröcher Remix)
9. Phase Encoder - Monorail Speeding (Original Mix)
10. Robert Natus & Arkus P - Hermoso (Tribal Mix)
11. Tadox - Luftloch
12. Martyn Hare - Creeper
13. Chip Tronic vs. Thomas Nordstroem - Blood Thirst

It's been throughout the summer that I've been locking myself down in the studio to mix & compile this MP3-compilation for the Hamburg-based label Highball Music which is well-appreciated by all fans of HardTechno in Germany & worldwide for being the home of artists like Tadox, Robert Natus, Felix Kröcher and others. The result is a ravey, storming mix of approx. 62 minutes length featuring 13 tracks from the Highball Music backcatalogue and associated labels. I tried to give a very live feel to the mix by using just a pair of Technics MKII turntables and a small battle mixer - no editing, ProTools or whatever in use, just pure HardTechno played raw & uncut. For all those appreciating upfront HardTechno as well as a proper mix there's a link to the Musicmail MP3 Shop where you can purchase this one.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Grime r_port vol. 6

Roll Deep's new 12" is out on Relentless now. "Shake A Leg" featured as A1 track is commercial cheese and not worth to be played out anyway - can't think of any reason why they put this out , while "One Foot" on A2 aims for the Dancehall / Reggaeton massive. Not my cup of tea, but I think they'll go for it. The one to go for is "Heat Up (Danny Weed & Target Remix)" on the flip which is featured as full vocal version as well as instrumental riddim. Massive Eski Beats to be found here that surely make you banging your head, a spooky athmospheric sci-fi hook sticking in your ear for ages plus anthemic lyrics provided by Jet Le, Breeze, Scratchy, Trim and Flow Dan.

Dexplicit's DXP Recordings have been releasing 005 recently which is Dexplicit's RMX of "Pull Up Dat" featuring Ribz, Flirta D, Napper and Shizzle on vocal duty. Once again this is a kind hectic, military riddim with anthemic strings and all that special ingredients tearing up any kind of dancefloor. You've been appreciating DXP's "The Real Hench E.P." as well as Slew Dem's "Phantom Of The Opera" Riddim? Yes? Make sure to watch out for this one, too.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt.6

It's been a while since I've been losing a few lines on HipHop, but there's still releases that shouldn't be missed - two of 'em were sittin' in my P.O. Box lately.

Shady Records' puttin' out Eminem's new single "When I'm Gone" on promo circuit these days - a minimalistic, slow, pathetic tune with great moody string backing and Mr. Slim Shady tellin' a story about relationship trouble, hard famiy life especially regarding his wee daughter, that came up due to being a so called pop star. No matter if that's a true story or even made up - this one shows that there's someone seriously thinking about what goes on in his life and if this all makes sense so I would not be that surprised if the rumours about Em's next album being his last one finally become true. For all vocal haters - try the instrumental which smoothly goes along some moody TripHop/Downbeat-stuff.

Due for release on dec. 25th is "Paradise", the second single to be taken off the recent Stereo MC's album, delivering the same kind of laid back, funk-driven attitude we all loved their somewhen-in-the-90's hit "Connected" for. Oldskool but still rockin' the nation although it should have been released during the summer... It's fuckin' frosty right now - wrong season for chilled basketball afternoons and booming ghettoblasters. On the flip there's another two remixes by Paul Daley, transferring the vocals onto a driving ElectroHouse-tune. Neither a new idea nor the best track produced ever since but surely to move some dancefloors apart from a pure HipHop context of which the Stereo's always stood out from no matter what they did.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 17

Pharmacom Records comes up with it's 13th release these days - a 6 tracker Manfred Reckers a.k.a. eVADE named "Retrospective". A well-fitting title as all tracks could be filed under RetroElectronica. Ambientish athmospheric downtempo music for those who have been following early SpaceNight-sessions regularly. Solid, nice and chilly indeed, but a bit oldfashioned - it just ain't 1995 anymore so I ain't that impressed as I would've been a decade ago.

Traffic Signs also comes up with another occasional record, number 05 since the label was founded by one of Germany's main minimal players back in 2003. Both tracks - "Effective" and "Been In Glue" - are top notch material for primetime dancefloors: dry, chicago'esque, jackin' stuff fueled with a maximum of energy. Especially "Effective" is a damn catchy one featuring a thrilling hightech hook tickling one's eardrums while "Been In Glue" seems to be on a hypnotic 1991's Tekno tip and perfectly matches with Tricky Discos legendary "House Fly".

Robert Babicz, better known to many under his Rob Acid-moniker, is responsible for 008 of Audiomatique Recordings, which is - who'd have been expecting something else - dedicated to the sound of Acid or, even better, AcidGrunge as some people would name it as "Prism" as well as "Rock" are quite slow, psychedelic, very rough and analogue soundwise and at the same time phonky as hell. That kind of tracks that can't be played out in each and every set due to their very special character, but if picked out of your box and banging through a good club system they're able to add some magic minutes to a night on the dancefloor. On the flipside Robag Wruhme alongside the infamous Wighnomy Brothers reworks "Prism" and delivers a straighter, still slightly acidic but more minimal remix.

Scheduled for early december is Phonique's new 12" on Dessous Recordings which reaches 058 by date of release. Three tracks to be found here - "Lizard" as the E.P.'s title track on A1 is a charming fusion of deep House grooves and techy minimal sounds. Watchout for the excellent breakdown which adds a whole new quality to the track throughout the second half via addition of a cool hooting bassline sound, while "Hermes" as well as "The Good Track" deal with some classic, uplifting chords and structures that seemed to be lost throughout the last years. Due to this they bring back the good old days of House music, a warm and comfortable feel for all those who have been around since long and still can relate to the classic values of this specific genre.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Longplay love 9.0

File under: Deep Listening Music. Talking the recent Brian McBride-album on Kranky here which has been released on oct 31st. Named "When The Detail Lost Its Freedom" Mr. McBride, which is btw 50% of Stars Of The Lid, presents a dozen tracks written in the period of 2000 - 2004 and mastered in 2005 that are based on sampled as well as reprocessed guitar-, piano-, vocal- , harmonica-, trumpet- and string-tones. Apart from one track - "Our Last Moment In Song" which is a real song indeed - all tracks are 100% beat-free, just warm floating organic waves of sound, beautiful ultrachilled deep Ambient stuff slightly touched by melancholia. Highly recommended.

Way darker and way more intense is Tribes Of Neurot's forthcoming album "Meridian" on Neurot Recordings due to be released on nov. 21st. Subsonic frequencies, score-like Drones, dense post-apocalyptic athmospheres, nervously seething sounds and grinding noises combined to a blueprint of what might be called Dark Ambient, music for lost souls and frozen hearts. If you are into artists like m², Kallabris or even Single Cell Orchestra's "Dead Vent 7"-album released on San Francisco's Reflective Records back in 1995 you are about to appreciate this one as well. The press sheet even mentions fans of Boards Of Canada as a possible target group but as BOC's music always has a light shining at the end of the tunnel which is missing here I seriously doubt that the majority of BOC-followers will find the same beauty in "Meridian". Anyway - check out track 10 "Diggin Holes" and try to tell if they really used decelerated accordion sounds on this track or - if not - where all these beautiful slow sounds come from that do remind me of old melancholic sailors and seamen.

Another recent release covering the field of dark experimental music is Sunn O)))'s album "Black One" on Southern Lord which is demonic Doom stuff as dark as the excellent artwork by Jo Ratcliffe promises visually. Seven claustrophobic tracks spread over a total running time of 67 minutes, subsonic grinds, disturbing noises and utterly horrifying slow motion screams when it comes to vocals. If you do suffer from any kind of shizophrenia, suicidal tendencies or other kinds of psychic disease please leave this album alone - this is a maximum overdose of evil madness only made for a headstrong elite. Might cause nightmares, keep away from children as well.
Btw - did I mention that I really do like it?

Another type of madness is represented by the album "A-Core - 23 Soldiers Of Fakecore" now released as on Minorlabel as full length CD and as well as anonymous 12" featuring a seven track excerpt of the album. Theme of the whole thing is a remix competition focussing on the title song of the infamous 80ies TV series "The A-Team" which is handled and reworked by artists like Death Sitcom, Bernd Spring, E.Stonji, Society Suckers and others here. As one can guess from the range of artists the musical direction is break-/fake-/whatever-core with an ultra-trash attitude. Somehow it's funny, some of the remixes do provide cool ideas and if you pick out each and every tracks as single piece of art it all does make sense but listening to the same title melody over and over again for approximately an hour plus a bit can be a little annoying and hard to handle...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Parts in the post, pt. 16

A few days ago I felt quite surprised to find the new 12" of the german DancePop-act Schiller named "Die Nacht... Du Bist Nicht Allein" sitting in my P.O. Box as I opened the regular weekly promo packages. It was even more surprising to see him collaborate with Thomas D., successful solo-rapper as well as member of the german HipHop-pioneers Die Fantastischen Vier, and being remixed by well-respected acts like Moguai, Northern Lite and Decomposed Subsonic. Still there was little voices in my head saying like "Hey man, this is Pop. Pretty commercial stuff. You ain't going to like this...", but they went wrong. Proper big-room ElectroHouse, Thomas D.'s voice fits well into this musical context and actually the so-called "Fernsehfassung" (which is: TV Version), which is more like a SpokenWord meets Pop-thang rather than a clubtrack delivers proper 264 seconds of chill out without being cheesy. Yes, I do like that and I bet this 12" is gonna do a nice job to a party crowd as well.

Dessous Recordings has a new promo on the circuit announcing the release of forthcoming 057 "The Call" straight out of the studio of the duo Tanzmann & Stefanik which have been contributing a remix to DJ Fex' debut on Dessous Recordings 053 earlier this year. The title track is a quite stripped-down dry banger with a mid-nineties feel, slightly chicago-esque bassline and a thrillin' bass figure spreading good vibes all over the place. B1 features a so-called "Second Mix" of the main title which reveals a very deep mood and lost piano chords on top of laid back DeepHouse grooves and is a proper warmup- or late night-tool. Last not least we got "Tinkerbell" - dedicated to Paris Hilton's former doggy toy - on B2, a calm athmospheric tune and a blueprint for classic DeepHouse. Warm strings here, sparkling sounds there and a few slightly electro'esque (sound- not riddimwise!) percussion elements, deep groovin' bassline - y'all know the score.

Poker Flat's Märtini Brös. come up with their "Tracks From The Lab Part 2" soon. In opposite to Part 1, which has been quite dark and hypnotic, this sequel deals with other vibes - "SID" even might be called a 2005 update of what has been called AcidTrance about a decade ago. A 303-to-eternity-line combined with some appreggio string arrangements makes me think of huge areas in which thousands of colorfoul ravers are dancing their fucking ass off. "W.T.U.S" works the dancefloor on a slow groove, feels near to the magic oldskool 120 or below bpm line although it might be faster - this is the one to experience the almighty power of Jack, while B2 "Lovehandles" is more a toolish one although the track delivers a very own experimental version of how to combine acidic sounds and minimalism.

Responsible for 010 of Supersix Records is the unpronouncable (spanish?) project Kondencuotas Pienas delivering a phat fusion of ravey Tekno, massive basslines like taken off a House-tune and pitched up to +12 plus an abstract "Detroit vs. Goa" attitude which I haven't heard since the release of Cooper & I.N.G.O's "Sunrize E.P." almost 12 or 13 years ago. There's more ideas served in that title track "Godd & Dogg" than some producers fit in a whole E.P. . Sascha Müller provides a straighter remix to that tune, too, which has some cool oldskool string breakdowns sounding familiar to all dedicated ravers. Third track to be found is "Night @ Playboy Mansion", a thrilling 'troity Techno workout able to drive a whole club crazy due to the use of one simple vocal sample blowing one's head off. b-a-n-g-i-n'!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Longplay love 8.0

Fields Of The Nephilim, one of the most important and most influential GothicRock bands throughout the last 22 years since their first release "Burning The Fields" back in 1983, are coming up with their new album "Mourning Sun" on Oblivion on november 18th. Once again the bands mastermind Carl McCoy teamed up with a bunch of unnamed so-called "ghost musicians" @ The Ice Cage - which is his mobile recording studio - to serve another dark masterpiece, epic & scenic at the several points and, most important, the first official Fields Of The Nephilim-album featuring completely new material since 1996. An average tracklength of 7+ minutes states clearly that "Mourning Sun" is not made for easy consumption not only due to their duration but also to their complex structures. An album that needs to pass through your home stereo more than once to reveal every hidden secret and a recommended one for stormy winter days in front of an open fireplace, accompanied by an excellent bottle of red whine.

Well, this is weird. And it's released on Mike Patton's infamous Ipecac-imprint on which (un)controlled weirdness is the new normal. Whatever, Messer Chups are a band/project part russian, part german and maybe partly extraterrestrian which deals with a big melting pot of Easy Listening, film music, 60's soundtracks and Lo-Fi Weirdo Analogue Surf Experimentalism not only on their recent album "Crazy Price". Sounds funny, eh? And it is as well. Other people will call it art and some will just say it's drug influenced trash. Maybe all of them are right and if this once is used as a soundtrack the film has to be recorded in hyperreal tripped out ultracolor technology. Check out!

Longtime Neurosis-associated artist Steve Von Till releases his first in a series of more to come albums under his Harvestman-moniker on Neurot Recordings named "Lashing The Rye" on the 21st of november - an approx. 65 minutes journey through 12 dark, abundant tracks of psychedelic guitar workout: 7 of them inspired by traditional folk or bagpipe songs, some of those even might be of medieval origin as one can guess from parts of their sound aesthethics. The whole album is driven by a kind of solemn melancholia, similar to the one felt at religious processions or funeral corteges - a fact that can also be proved by Von Till's chosen moniker Harvestman itself as the post-harvest period is, at least in christian parts of the world, a period of time in which several processions take place. But whether his work has been influenced by this kind of thoughts or not, "Lashing The Rye" is an album worth to be checked out not only by Psychedelia lovers but also by those which are not used to the spheres of multi-filtered, echoed, delayed, reverbed and sometimes droney instrumental music as each song is, no matter what kind of post- and/or realtime-processing has been going on whilst the recording session, still well accessible and presents clear structures even to the ears of a non-expert.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

11.11.2005 Phantasy Box @ Astoria Club / Hamburg

Intrauterin Recordings & Imp Artists present

11.11.2005 Phantasy Box @ Astoria Club / Hamburg

baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]
Sir Takis []

Chapter 2. Once again Intrauterin Recordings and Imp Artists join forces for another night of advanced electronic dancemusic - Phantasy Box. The name referring as well to the legendary Chicago based project "Phuture Phantasy Club" as well as the nonetheless legendary silver box named 303 that brought Acid to this world. Expect a journey through the world of Acid influenced Housemusic, featuring tracks from the early days of the AcidHouse revolution in the late 80's alongside the nu skool of JackHouse, mixed up with high quality minimalism and phat anthemic ElectroHouse tunes.
Join us.

file under: Minimal-/ Elektro-/ Acidhouse

doors open. 11 pm

door fee: 5 EU

astoria club
Kleine Freiheit 42
22767 Hamburg