Saturday, April 30, 2016

A. Dyjecinski - I'm The Woods

This is nothing but a plain great song for all those thinking beyond the framework of Indie, Alternative or Folk. We don't know if "The Valley Of Yessiree" referenced in the album title is just an imaginery place but if not we defo wanna spend some time there in the late summer sun, accompanied by close friends and a bottle of high quality bourbon.

Daniel Ruane - The Interpreter [The Silent Howl 011 Promo]

Released in early March via the UK / Canadian imprint The Silent Howl is "The Interpreter", the second full length album effort provided by Manchester-based producer Daniel Ruane who serves a compilation effort with this one, focusing on a menu of five remixes created by himself for fellow acts like Martijn Comes, Trinkkets, Inverchoulin and Kumiko alongside a bunch of four original Daniel Ruane tracks re-arranged and re-edited by the likes of Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Shay, LOFT and - again - Trinkkets. Especially the artists own remix works spread out a specific sonic approach of highly defined, compressed and broken beat structures drawing influences both from Electronica / IDM and mostly cold, scientific, Industrial sound architecture whilst, in parts, referencing the echoes of PostDubstep and its derivatives which are even evident in clearly technoid workouts like his interpretation of Trinkkets "Lace" or the crackling, droney Broken Techno slow motions of his rework of Fred Thomas' "Partita In C Minor".  In comparison to this we see the remixes provided for Daniel Ruane's being on a deeper, more friendly and organic tip, even incorporating sampled live drumming in Shay's deep and playful TripHop meets Electronica-rework of "Tranquilizer" whilst the 'LOFT Functional Club Edit' of "Switch" takes us directly to the center of our favorite Techno club before the concluding 'Trinkkers Recalibration' of "Tranquilizer" explores glitchy Ambient realms and twisted vocal cut-ups that make your braincells shuffle for a reason. Nice one.

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Dwarfs Of East Agouza - Bes [Nawa Recordings 005 Promo]

After we've already announced the forthcoming arrival of The Dwarfs Of East Agouza's new, and first ever, album "Bes" on Nawa Recordings by posting their "Baka Of The Future" in early March 2k16 we join the trio, based in Cairo / Egypt and consisting of Maurice Louca, Sam Shalabi and Alan Bishop, on a mind-bending, feverish trip into meandering musical fusions based upon classic Egyptian influences, North African drumming and 70s Psychedelia, with or without taking its relation to certain psychoactive substances into consideration. In tunes like the ever building "Clean Shahin" we see tribal ritualisms come into play whilst being amalgamated with krauty guitar progressions, the 16+ minutes of "Where's Turbo?" can be described as nice contrast of fast-paced drums, glittering synth works and pensive Instrumental Ethno-Blues when it comes to the use of twanging, ever changing guitar motifs which live by repetetion and alteration before breaking down into a massive, dreamy fuzz to finally change the whole tunes musical direction in the final four minutes. Skipping into the second CD of this double album feature we're taken on a massive 35 minutes freestyle jam in the central piece "Museum Of Strangers" which is a perfect example of  intense dusty, desert melancholia - a stream of sonic events including thrilling and spine-tingling rapids that soon spread out into FreeJazz improvisations, recapturing that special desert road vibe again, branching out into Ambient and free experimentalisms with surface noises and crackling frequencies before finally jamming off into eternity. We do like this.   

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Vivien Goldman - Resolutionary (Songs 1979 - 1982) [Staubgold 141 Promo]

After we've already featured Vivien Goldman's song "Launderette" on these pages in mid-March 2k16 it's now about time to take a closer look on her forthcoming album "Resolutionary (Songs 1979 - 1982)" which is scheduled for release on May 20th, 2k16 via the great Staubgold-imprint. Focusing on the mentioned period of time the album includes three of Vivien Goldman's solo recordings of that time ("Launderette" / "Private Armies" / "P.A. Dub"), two contributions to the catalogue of the loose-bonded artistic collective known under the name of The Flying Lizards as well as three recordings alongside fellow female musician Eve Blouin under their conjunctional name Chantage ("Same Thing Twice" / "It's Only Money" / "Tu M'Fais Rire") and an additional interview piece to round things off nicely. These songs, which pretty much sum up a good bunch of the singers' official catalogue, provide a perfect showcase example of the open-mindedness to be found in the PostPunk-scene of these days which was more than often willing to incorporate Dub- and Dub-referencing techniques into their musical arrangements but also are a private love letter to the Dub-genre itself, not only because of Adrian Sherwood's "P.A. Dub" - a militant Dub-out in its very own right - but also due to the fact that these influences are more present in Vivien Goldman's solo music than in most of the PostPunk-outfits of the time, even taking Ari-Up and her legendary band The Slits into consideration here. Whilst her work with The Flying Lizards includes a more uptempo and undeniably funky vibe in "Her Story" we see "The Window" digging deeply into dubbed-out territories as well before the three songs taken off the only ever single released by Chantage are clearly influenced by the musical outings of the Afro-Caribbean diaspora Vivien Goldman was exposed to throughout her years spent in Paris. Defo a highly recommended retrospective album through which some long lost or at least highly collectible tunes are finally available to a broader public. Get this. 

Epiphet - Rastafari Livity Bootleg (Free Download)

Epic Raggatek-jam from the Open Source Records-camp, based in the deepest underground vaults of the Irish music scene. Let's jump and brockout, folks!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wyoming - Remains [AdP Records]

Wyoming are finally back with a sweet new video, that sees them gravitating towards a more Folk-orientated sound musicwise. We do approve of this!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Supa Ape - Hostile (Free Download)

Original rudebwoy Jungle coming straight outta Manchester for all dem wicked people. Get!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Poèmes Électroniques at MOCA GA - A Film by Jeff Shipman

Poèmes Électroniques at MOCA GA from Jeff Shipman on Vimeo.

Hard to believe that more than year has passed since we gathered at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Of Georgia.

EA80 - Licht [Major Label 094 Promo]

Forthcoming in May 2k16 via Major Label is the official re-issue of "Licht", the originally 1989 self-released album of the Mönchengladbach / Germany-based PunkRock outfit EA80 which took the scene by storm after the band was formed in 1979. Still active today after nearly four decades in the biz, this historic document of the bands early years will not only please their younger following but also revives memories of those who've been with EA80 since day dot as the album does not only come with original artwork and full lyric sheet but also provides original, aggressive Punk on full throttle as this album might be the referred to as the bands fastest and most rapid ever, focussing on raw anger and musical havoc which perfectly goes along the unique, low-tuned vocals provided by lead singer Junge - an outstanding vocal approach more reminding of Goth singing and not seen in Punk very often which sets the band apart from many others, alongside their ongoing and imperturbal refusal to work along the mechanisms of marketing and promotion throughout their career but sticking to a strict DIY-policy in terms of releases and preferring to not talk to the media at all when it comes to interviews and such. You call that attitude? We call it PunkRock at its best.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Slewdem Mafia ft. Rage, Kraze & Clipson - Legalise It

Excellent slow jam for all dem 'erbalists out there - blaze da fire and light things up!

Friday, April 22, 2016

KK Null - Machine In The Ghost [Hirntrust Grind Media 041 Promo]

As announced in late March on these pages we see the Japanese Noize artist KK Null making his debut on the Austrian Hirntrust Grind Media-imprint these days with a brand new 7" featuring Part I and II of his "Machine In The Ghost" outing. Whilst "Machine In The Ghost I" starts out with a deeper intro and a squealing door before a few, unstructured, glitching beats and short breakdown lead into a buzzing, yet sterile take on Rhythmic Noize and electric background modulations "Machine In The Ghost II" provides a more playful approach introwise whilst fusing drilling Speedcore and heavy Rhythm Industrial to a heavy crescendo for the headstrong that'll provide a perfect soundtrack for hyperapocalyptic battlefields in the year 2525. This is sonic warfare!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jana Rush - Acid Tek

A rough draft straight from the Chicago underground - killer tune for all those loving the legacy of Dance Mania Records and other classic Ghetto House imprints.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sascha Müller - Yo Body (Ibiza Summer 2016) [SMSM 005 Promo]

Coming straight from the studios of Sascha Müller is his new single "Yo Body" which, similar to other releases of the SMSM-series, gravitates more towards commercial or at least mainstream-suitable aspects of electronic dance music a.k.a. big room and open air terrace floors. The so-called 'Ibiza Summer Mix 2016' fuses samples related to High NRG House with dream-inducing (Neo)Trance-strings and balearic guitars suitable for sunset workouts throughout the golden hours whilst the 'Original Mix' caters a sweet menu of classic House music, maximum bassline funk, hyped vocal bits and ecstatic stabs for all those remembering heaps of great tunes released during heydays of labels like Strictly Rhythm and other seminal imprints. This is massive!

Peacock Affect - Spaceship [Self-released]

Coming in from the UK lately is this single track CDr promo of Peacock Affect's "Spaceship", due for release on May 19th, 2k16 as a teaser for the artists forthcoming "The Rainbow EP" which is about to be put on the circuit in the second half of June. With this track we see George Holman, the man behind the Peacock Affect-alias, go deep into melancholia-inducing, inward looking Indie with an intimate twist, combining multi-layered guitars and fragile electronic bits, incorporating a spectrum from tender to mildly demanding and slightly distorted to create a sweet, deeply emotional upfront single which defo sets expectations high for the full EP to come.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dr. NoiseM - The CDr A-B-C: J [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Coming from the deep studio vaults of Dr. NoiseM is the "J" part of the ongoing, 26-months longs 'The CDr A-B-C'-series which provides another nearly 80 minutes ride into experimental electronic music. Starting off on a Dark / Death Ambient vibe introduced by a slow and haunting resemblance of ghostly choirs moving back and forth like the tides leading into short bits of screeching distortion when reaching the sonic waves peak the audio events seem to slowly relocate into the faraway distance or an abandoned tunnel after minute ten or so which even emphasizes the impression of being surrounded by lost souls. Throughout the further course of the album the tonal qualities of the steady ebb and flow become colder and more alienating, gravitating towards eternal exo-planetary darkness whilst - as in most episodes of the album series - we see the come back of a more respiratory aesthetic in sound that forms a seamless connection to its prede- and presumably also to its successors to come as this seems to be a staple in Dr. NoiseM's contemporary production palette. Later on this breathing flow is accompanied by fluttering low-end distortions and icy background drones blown over from afar before the longplay piece comes to an end in a final distorted uproar. Defo a well fitting sequel piece in the 'The CDr A-B-C'-series that incorporates both new and well familiar elements and therefore is defo one to check out for sure. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Slow Steve - Adventures [Morr Music 146 Promo]

Scheduled for release on May 6th, 2k16 is "Adventures", the new musical outing of Slow Steve - a project headed by frenchman Remi Latournelle which unleashes its first real album with this eleven song adventure that takes us to the blurry, yet colourful borderlands of Pop Psychedelia and Leftfield Indie, presenting bluesy influences like in "Veteran", nothing but dreamy beauty in the highly chromatic "Sloth" or sweet, vernal dancefloor fillers like "Bali" which well reflects the detailed, colourful album artwork. After going into more inward-looking, intimate regions with the slightly krauty, 70s-infused instrumental cut "Josephine I" and its vintage synth modulation ending that makes a sweet transition into the following French Melancholia Pop of "Josephine II (Riviere)" we see "The Giant Spider Crab From Japan" introduce more electronic-focused tension on the edge of Goth-friendly instrumental Indietronics with a subaquatic twist and "Josephine III (Tschüss Oskar)" gravitates toward KrautRock / (Neo)Cosmic whilst off-note strings are scintillating through a colourful universe, accompanied by guitar proto-balearisms. With "Oscillation" influences of SpaceJazz come into play on a certain level whilst our heads can't stop nodding to a seductive beat, "Red Wool" comes across on a more ruminative level and the final "Foam Shapes" featuring Helen Fry on vocal duties is another great example of how masterly crafted leftfield Pop should sound like in 2k16. A sweet journey, much.

Friday, April 15, 2016

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Carl Oesterhelt & Johannes Enders - The Anatomy Of Melancholy [Disko B / Indigo]

Future Jazz is officially back in the building!

Listen to the amazing Space Jazz masterpiece entitled "The Anatomy Of Melancholy" created by German composer Carl Oesterhelt and Jazz-saxophonist Johannes Enders, put on the circuit via Munich's long time running Disko B-imprint, exclusively on these pages throughout the next week!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ash Koosha - Mudafossil (Official Music Video)

Unique, yet heavily unsettling music and an impressive example of what today's CGI cinematography is capable of.

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 04/2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Microglobe X Machinedrum - High On Hope

Electronic music comes full circle with this one. Oldschool stabs and melodies meets highly complex, contemporary beats. This makes so much sense - killer rework!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ozmotic - Liquid Times [Folk Wisdom]

Put on the circuit via the ever active Folk Wisdom-imprint in March 2k16 was "Liquid Times", the second full length album effort by the prolific Italian experimental duo Ozmotic. In opposite to the albums predecessor Ozmotic are, apart from two tracks created with their previous longplay collaborator Christian Fennesz, on their own in the studio, creating a misty, experimental sound drawing influences from Ambient and Drone as well as from the sounds of the digital age, especially Glitch and Clicks'n'Cuts. This combination already shows in the opener "Storming" which turns from Deep Listening Music into a digital beehive whilst the following title track evolves from a digital data set establishing a connection into cold, storming Electronica that could've well been released on labels like the Finnish Sähkö imprint. With "Remembrance" we'll find the first Fennesz-collab on the album which is, as one might guess, a deep fusion of Ambient Post-PostRock and electronic experimentalisms, "Techne" weighs in a crossover of glitchy electronics beats, foggy South American spiritualism and Jazz Noir, "Rhyzome" also enters Jazz-influenced realms whilst evoking a feel of imminent danger and "Diaspora", also created alongside Christian Fennesz, fuses threatening, tension-inducing sounds from a faraway future with Digital HighTech Jazz and Fennesz' droney trademark guitars, amalgamating all these influences into alienating Desert Rock of Morricone'esque qualities. Ozmotic's "Sliced Reality" brings more nerve wrecking tension and digital crackles accompanied by unsettling drums and mechanical noises whilst walking "Above The Clouds" is a complex, levitating freestyle jam of sonic events including ongoing synth modulation, multilayered robotic sounds, intense atmospheres... and tweeting birds appearing somewhere in the very background. Furthermore we'll find two bonus remixes on this one - "Rhyzome" reworked by bass sculpting master Senking of former Karaoke Kalk-fame, now releasing on the regular via Raster Noton, who creates a thrilling, post-apocalyptic sound vision of stripped down, yet spine-tingling nature for hyperadvanced dancefloors whilst Frank Bretschneider revisits "Sliced Reality" and creates a minimalistic and well-futuristic sonic architecture based upon the concept of off-kilter, polyrhythmic Minimal Techno for those who know. Quality stuff!  

Monday, April 11, 2016

Sonotanotanpenz - Conga [Noble Records 217 Promo]

After we've already announced the forthcoming advent of Sonotanotanpenz new album on these pages in March it is now about time to review the seven tracks featured on "Conga" which is due for release on the Japanese Noble Records imprint on April 15th, 2k16. Clocking in at a surprisingly short overall run time of roughly 16 minutes only the group manages to cover a fascinating musical range from the lovely Folk Psychedelia of the opener "Cave" to minimalistic, yet captivating Ceremonial Pop presented in "Tea", intense Industrial-influences ("Map") and quirky Lo-Fi efforts as to be found in the drummachine heavy "Bagpipe". Furtermore the title track of this mini album weighs in Japanese ClubPop, "King" comes across as a full-on experimental Folk meets typewriter rhythms skit of 28 seconds lengths whilst things come full circle with the final "A Farm And The Universe" which goes back to the deep, intimate Folk Psychedelia of the beginning and concludes an album more thrilling, widely varied, unique and entertaining than most full-length efforts around. Recommended!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

DJ Rashad & DJ Phil - Come Close

Another great, soulful and Jungle-reminiscing effort from the vaults of Chitown's Teklife crew.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

09. / 10.4.2016 TELEPATHIC BUBBLEGLITCH @ #lsb_TV w/ baze.djunkiii & uli sigg

TELEPATHIC BUBBLEGLITCH - 6 hours of glitch and dadanoise

via lsb.TV on ALEX Berlin

muzzikkk: baze.djunkiii
visualzz: uli sigg
transmission starts midnight c.e.t. 
stream via 

Karl Bartos - Communication [Trocadero Records]

A long thirteen years after its initial release we see the re-release of Karl Bartos' album "Communication" these days - recut, remastered and on a new label. And although the man behind this album has already made his mark in music history as a member of the great Kraftwerk his longplay solo effort has aged surprisingly well and still provides an interesting 52 minutes journey into electronic music. The opener "The Camera" pays homage to the sound pallet of the super groups "Die Roboter" whilst providing a positivity and playfullness often found in the Electro / Proto-ElectroClash tunes of the early noughties and late 90s, "I'm The Message" is a deep, timeless late night vocoder jam, "15 Minutes Of Fame" still is the anthemic SynthPop smash it has ever been and - in retrospect - can be seen as a wise prediction of todays social media and trash TV hype machine whilst "Reality" takes us into the deepest underground venues of The Hague. Imagining himself as "Electronic Apeman" Mr. Karl Bartos creates another panorama homage to the world famous Proto-Electro super group whilst adding an additional layer of pathetic, Pet Shop Boys-reminiscing SynthPop, "Life" comes across as an uplifting hybrid update of the Madchester / SynthPop sound, "Cyberspace" is retrofuturistic as darkish retrofuturism can get and the "Interview" still is able to move glitzy ElectroDisco dancefloors for sure. Furthermore the "Ultraviolet" aura of the track of the same name takes you into dramatic sci-fi battle scenarios with massive stabs and spiralling synths, the "Camera Obscura" fuses a technoid attitude with classic, well-beloved bleeps and the closing tune "Another Reality" waves farewell as a sweet, twisted Synth / Cosmic ballad for the space age. Nice one.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

6.R.M.E. - ANRSE [Hirntrust Grind Media 042 Promo]

Coming in from the great Austrian-imprint Hirntrust Grind Media is the first ever vinyl release by the French artist Yann Lefeuvre under his 6.R.M.E.-moniker who turns out to be an excellent addition to the labels catalogue with his two tracks "ANRSE" and "RYKE" to be found on this 7" record. Balancing the line between SloMo Rhythm Industrial, grinding, heavily distorted Illbient and fierce Mutant HipHop instrumentals one immediately is taken back to second half of the 90s releases by Techno Animal on Chrome before the label was renamed to Position Chrome, "Electric Ladyland"-like sickness and the darkest vaults of post-apocalyptic cities in which dystopian evil lurks. If Jabba The Hut is about to have a theme party dedicated to blackest despair and sadistic torture these beats might be on heavy rotation. Our verdict: some lovely Noize!

Xotox - Die Unruhe 2.0 [Pro Noize]

Going back to the year 2010 with a review of Xotox' album "Die Unruhe 2.0" which is actually an re-issued update of the project's 2004-released and quickly sold out album named "Die Unruhe" minus the remixes but plus two additional, previously unreleased bonus tracks taken from the same recording session. And this album for sure is a manifesto in terms of hard, electronic music meandering between Industrial / Rhythm Industrial and merciless, banging, Hardcore-influenced Techno defined through uberly compressed, slighty distorted bassdrums, nerve-wrecking sound structures and loads of dark, twisted and horror-inducing vocal samples emphasizing the brutalist attitude of the music. No matter if we're talking about the uncompromising stomp of the opener "Mechanische Unruhe", the dark melodic attitude of "Nasse Wände" or the disturbing Death Rave signals of "Pumpe / Düse", all of these tracks are created to provide maximum energy for strobe-lit underground dancefloors in the hidden basements of abandoned production facilities or concrete bomb shelters. And so are the apocalyptic melodies of "Gottlos" as well as the previously unreleased tunes "You Can't Hurt Me" which adds up an extra bit of ultraviolent distortion alongside thrilling synth bass movements and "The Punisher", best described as an impermeable wall of concrete Noize built on a foundation of fast-paced bassdrum terror. This is heavy!

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Sascha Müller & Duality Micro - Vortex [Psychocandies 042]

Another release scheduled for April 14th, 2k16 is "Vortex", the new collaborational effort of Sascha Müller and longtime mate Duality Micro who are presenting a serving of five tracks here named "Vortex A" to "Vortex E" in which the pairing explores tripping, ever evolving Acid realms. Instead of focusing on regular track structures it seems like both producers are drifting through a series of well-psychedelic live jams in which beats are allowed to dissolve, tunes are changing their direction rapidly and get lost in minute-long sequences of beatless freeform experimentation for k-hole inhabitants, present screeching modulations or go deep into Intelligent Techno / Ambient Acid spheres, providing a brain-tingling journey to the hidden layers of the subconscious. Nice one.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Curse Ov Dialect - Twisted Strangers [Monotype Records 023 Promo]

After seven long years of silence Curse Ov Dialect are finally back with a new album entitled "Twisted Strangers" which is about to be put on the circuit via Monotype Records on April 14th, 2k16 and the experimental HipHop-outfit is back with a twist for sure as one might guess from the anthemic SynthPop-referencing intro of the opener "Brotherhood" that soon turns into a bleepy, playful Braindance-variation of the genre. If there's HipHop in Alice's Wonderland this it what it'd sound like and the same goes for unique rockers like "Return Of Them All", the super intense, sample-heavy title track or the menacing, nightmare'ish "Defy & Decay" - all of them carving out Curse Ov Dialect's own, widely unexplored niche in HipHop, aiming for creativity and uniqueness rather than for bling or gangsta vibes. More greatness is to be found in tunes like "Wisdom Transformation" which brings in more dancefloor tripping sample madness and drama alongside the vocal talents of Skinwalker, in "The Legend Of Leigh Bowery" the group is abusing a classical string section and choir to fuse and amalgamate these bits and pieces with raps and beats to a result that can be filed under the flag of, well..., ethereal and theatrical Novelty HipHop whilst the "Wood Panel" skit works skipping CD-aesthetics and cut-ups to the absolute maximum and "Precious Liquids" featuring Kaigen and Stormtrap on vocal duties introduces Japano SurfHop with a well psychedelic twist to the hyperthrilled ADD audience. If Kreayshawn ate too much candy alongside Charli XCX whilst rocking a party with the Beastie Boys, Dr. Octagon, Mike Patton and the mighty Pizzicato Five "Twisted Strangers" would be their musical love child coze this is the best and most interesting HipHop album of 2016 so far.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2016

01. FFF - Sweet Revenge [PRSPCT RVLT 011]
Highly recommended release on limited turquoise 12" put on the circuit via the Dutch PRSPCT RVLT-imprint, an offspring of the Drum'n'Bass label PRSPCT. Producer FFF, who has been a stalwart figure within both the DarkJungle- and Breakcore-scene for more than a decade, churns out four heavyweight tunes for maximum mayhem and massive brockout which can be defined as 2k16 update of Jungle for all those loving the sound of legendary Digital Hardcore-producers like Sonic Subjunkies that combined super-chopped breaks combined with straight 4/4s or the amen-heavy beat excess brought to us by the likes of Soundmurderer & SK-1 and their Rewind Records-imprint. There is darkness, you know?

02. Dub Phizix - Do One ft. DRS / Doberman ft. Ward 21 [Senka Sonic 002]
Dub Phizix carved out a niche of his own within the wideranged spectrum of Drum'n'Bass with his extremely detailed productions regularly meandering in a twilight zone of being half time and full on tempowise. On the long awaited sophomore release on Senka Sonic he defo sticks to what he's best at with vocal support of an extremely precise MC DRS whilst the more Ragga- / Dancehall-influenced toasting of Ward 21 weighs in some mad soundclash vibes for heaving dancefloors. Excellent stuff.

03. Gorgon Sound - Find Jah Way [Peng Sound 001 Repress]
I've always had a love a love for Dub, StepperDub and mid-90s DubHouse as the fusion of fast-paced 4/4 bassdrums, classic Dub structures and loads of echo FX was labeled back then. That said, it's not big of a surprise that Gorgon Sound's Peng Sound-debut from back in 2012, now repressed for the fourth time, strikes a chord for me as it combines all this with contemporary studio quality and modernist production techniques. The original dubplate version on the A-side might also work well with Dubstep crowds whilst Dubkasm's rework on the flip is more of a tribute to the classic Reggae- / Dub- / DubHouse-scene soundwise, easily floating, laid back, yet able to rock floors for a reason.

04. DJ Roc - Practice What U Preach [Duck n' Cover 004]
Eight bad ass Juke workouts served by DJ Roc who's able to present an overview of what the genre has to offer stylewise. From the deep, saxophone-sporting, Jazz-induced "Lowend Unity" to Breakbeat overdrive in "It Takes Two" or soulful hypercomplexity in the mini albums title to huge apocalyptic, stab-heavy anthems like "Destruction" and classic ghetto themed bangers like "Got No Crack" or "I Make Gutta" this album / EP is a must for everyone following the Juke from the heart.

05. The Beacon Sound Choir - Sunday Morning Drones [Infinite Greyscale 009 Promo]
See review for details... 

06. Dr. NoiseM - The CDr A-B-C: I [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]
See review for details... 

07. Maja Osojnik - Let Them Grow [Unrecords 011 Promo]
See review for details... 

08. Antanas Rekasius - Fonogramatika [Music Information Centre Lithuania Promo]
See review for details...

09. -

10. -

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Masha Qrella - Keys [Morr Music 145 Promo]

Forthcoming via Berlin's Morr Music on April 15th, 2016 is "Keys" , the fifth longplay effort in the solo career of Masha Qrella who, before going solo, had made some waves due to her participation in bands like Mina or Contriva. Going through the eleven songs of "Keys" one is immediately captivated by the ease and airiness of the lovely IndiePop of the opener "Ticket To My Heart", drawn to the centre of the dancefloor by the innocent IndieElectro of "Pale Days" and falls for the crystalline intimacy served by the albums title song. The "Simple Song" weighs in a sweet, playful variation on  underground Girly Pop with a hint of melancholia, the tense and thrilling atmosphere of "Girl" is a relict of Masha Qrella 's past engagement in instrumental only bands, fuses misty vibes with Twee Pop-referencing vocals to a Twin Peaks score-worthy result whilst "Rescue Pills" comes across in a fuzzy singer-songwriter manner and deals with... well, the daily paranoia of a nightlife butterfly, maybe? Riding "White Horses" the Berlin-based soloist gets lost in world of sweet, groovy Psychedelia, her trip to "Bogota" ends up on the Indie / PostPunk dancefloor, covered in classy disco glitz whilst admiring the "DJ" playing her favorite warm, embracing, and string-loaden mid-tempo song she had been waiting for all night. Finally "Sicily" sends us to better places with a laid back, slightly Reggae-/Dub-influenced offbeat attitude, before the closing "Why?" asks essential questions all lovers go through at certain points when things tend to get tricky. Defo a lovely album that says 'spring' like not many albums out there and surely will turn into a good friend and fellow compagnon over time. Recommended.

Friday, April 01, 2016

Karl Bartos - I'm The Message *Matthew Herbert's Doctor Rockit Mix (Official Video)

The power of simple graphics. Defined.