Friday, January 31, 2014 Exclusive Midnight Premiere: [aniYo kore] - Stinging Nettle (Official Video)

[aniYo kore] - Stinging nettle ( OFFICIAL VIDEO ) from [aniYo kore] on Vimeo.

[aniYo kore] - Stinging Nettle
out: March, 8th via EmptyHeadRichHeart (002)
forthcoming limited edition 100 copies 7"
video created by Bløff

There's no doubt about the fact that we're huge fans of [aniYo kore] and their albums "Pieces Of Conversation" and "Y" and more than once we've praised them as the saviours of vocal-led TripHop and Downtempo. That's why we're extremely proud of being the first website to not only pre-announce the release of their new single "Stinging Nettle" that's due on March, 8th as a limited 100 copies 7" pressing but also to exclusively celebrate the amazing vintage chromatic artschool video that's to come alongside that lovely little vinyl piece with the first ever music video premiere hosted on these pages. Created and shot by the Dortmund-based quadruple artist collective Bløff - which will also take care of the 7" sleeve design btw - we'll find ourselves caught in a world full of moving shadows and blurred silhouettes whilst [aniYo kore] are taking floors and hearts by storm with their amazing amalgamation of Drum'n'Bass (Not Drum'n'Bass) and deeply afflicted vocals well informed about the hindrances of life, love and everyday struggle. There's no way not to love this one. Enjoy.

Wyoming - Fountain [AdP Records Promo]

One of the newer- and surely remarkable - findings in the wide fields of more intimate Indie is the first ever longplay release of a young three piece band named Wyoming which was put on the circuit via AdP Records last fall. "Fountain", as the name of the ten song piece is, breathes a bit of a shoegazing attitude and combines this discreet feel with a thing for decent, Jazz-informed drumming and a recognisable love for AfroFunk-influenced structures which have gained popularity through bands like Sinkane or the - also AdP-released - outfit The Eclectic Moniker throughout the last year. This rare but well crafted musical vision plus the fact that these three youngsters are not only able to serve a nice stage performance but turned out to be extremely neat fellas after their recent Hamburg show and whilst meeting them again throughout their soundcheck at Berlin's Privatclub makes them highly recommendable and so do these three videos, perfectly showcasing what Wyoming are all about. Check 'em out whenever you'll find them playing a stage near you.

Wyoming - Afterword (Official Video) from Wyoming on Vimeo.

Wyoming - Man/Machine from Wyoming on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 2 [Dr NoiseM Tapes]

The unknown and yet unveiled Dr. NoiseM strikes back with phase two of his so-called "Studio Works"-series which is another - quite harsh and uneasy - trip into the world of musical experimentalism and bending sonic borders. Especially the latter is proved true by the albums 16 minute long opener "Selfburning" which fuses heavily distorted but still kinda psychedelia driven guitars with loads of static noise and twisted LFO feedbacks into a distraught echo of post-apocalyptic Desert Rock unheard of before. And the further the album progresses the more desparation and cold hearted vibes are to be felt, especially when it comes to the bubbling sonic terrorism catered by "Bomb The Bilini" which combines layers of icy drones with frantically vibrating bass resulting in ten minutes of grinding Harsh Noize with occasional WWII TV documentary samples or the hard hitting Rhythm Industrial piece "Evil Surrounds Us". Furthermore Dr. NoiseM also dives into the tense and ominous world of real time landline scanning with its characteristicly bleeping background signals here and finally closes with "Some Noise" which switches from cumulative white noise to tweeting echoes and nervous cutups for lovers. Sweet one.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bloodgroup - Fall (Official Music Video)

Iceland's Bloodgroup crossing paths between deep melancholia and Future Garage with this track taken from their album "Tracing Echoes". Plus: they're unveiling a  great but quite mysterious video piece here.

Lewi B - White Russian

More massive Grime talent from the UK. Crime scene vibes. Skyrocketing soon. Watch out.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sascha Müller [Sascha Müller Music 10000005]

The underground club music manufacturing machine they call Sascha Müller strikes again with his next eight track mini-album on his own imprint Sascha Müller Music. The well ambitioned 1000005 starts off with signal driven, slightly Acid-infused Hardbag House with 90s twist, turns into minimalistic HypnoTech with "Desert Tek" followed up by Intelligent Acid that knows about Jack - check the amazingly named "Multi Karton 1" for this one -, frolicking and slightly askew Electro, dry and bouncing Highspeed Techno touched by madness - and a massive Acid overdose, of course, - and a few other variations in electronic music that - all in all - make up another excellent and interesting showcase of how thrilling this originally club-rooted music can be experienced as a whole length album.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

24.01.2013 Psychedelic Kitchen TV & Radio @ Twen.FM & Alex.TV / Berlin

featuring members of the Liquid Sky Berlin family:

mijk van dijk
datis 5 L
omsk information
sheldon drake
elec ice
dr walker

baze.djunkiii - on air from 02.00 - 03.00


TV stream via Alex.TV
23.15 - 02.00

Berlin radio frequency @ 88.4 FM
Livestream via TwenFM 
02.00 - 04.00 

Lost Reviews From The Archive: Mission Statement Update

Earlier this month the new blog project Lost Reviews From The Archive was introduced to all readers of these pages and due to recent circumstances it's time for a first update on the sites mission statement. Apart from focusing on reviews that remained unpublished printwise due to a lack of space plans are set to recover and - if necessary - re-polish in terms of misspellings or typos reviews that have been lost throughout switching the original late 90s layout to the recent blog format and international focus in 2005.

So Lost Reviews From The Archive will - in addition to the sites original intention - also bring back thoughts and reviews that haven't been available online for nearly a decade or more. A back into time machine especially for German readers as originally was launched in German language as the baze.djunkiii-led electronic underground section of the Hamburg-based webzine Cityvox, later Cityvoice which was focusing on a local readership before the site went independent.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Manga Saint Hilare - Shottas Freestyle / My Darg

No-one to fuck wit. Hard flexin - straight downfloorin foes. Grime's lively. Seen?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sanomat - Nein v3 *Rotten Cat Berlin TV Noize Video Remix

A trippy way to say "No" brought to you by Liquid Sky Berlin.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Gratulierung!!! Or - When Spam Goes Wrong.

Actually we all hate daily spam flooding our inboxes and filters with shitloads of data no-one even cares to open or read. But sometimes, very rarely, it makes our day due to horribly wrong spellings and very strange use of grammar. This is one of these rare things - funny for German readers only.

[DNA] - Techno For Arty People

One of the best Techno mixes I've heard in a while. Sending props to Tunisia for this one!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Go Find - Brand New Love [Morr Music Promo]

It's been ten years now since Dieter Sermeus a.k.a. The Go Find has been signed to Morr Music and with "Brand New Love" scheduled for February 7th he sees his fourth album to be released via the Berlin-based quality imprint. Somewhat romantic, tender and surely in love the Belgium-based one man band is wandering musical paths of Pop and Shoegaze, intimate Indie and blurred electronic backings, serving what's to be called a lovers album for sure. A sweet and emotionally embracing start into a new year, a foretaste of spring and longtime companion for tender souls. Nice.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Steve Bug - Simple, Thick & Raw [Poker Flat Recordings 144 Promo]

Scheduled for late January is the first Poker Flat Recordings transmission in 2014 and the labels 144th single release which is crafted by its leader Steve Bug himself. Named "Simple, Thick & Raw" this nice little 12" piece brings us three tracks - "The Arpeggio" on the A-side and "Thickest Bass" alongside "Smoking Parrot" on the flip - that fully live up to the high expectations one might have when the master himself is at the controls. These tunes are as Bug as a Bug can be with their stripped down, tense atmosphere, dark synth arrangements and sparse but effective tones. Talking the A-side dancefloors are sent to heaven when the nervous, spine-tingling melody appears to add a bit of extra thrill to the warm embracing bass chords building a super solid foundation on the low end of the sound spectrum.  Exploring the flipside we'll find a similar use of bass chords here, too, which are complemented by crunched vocal snippets to a more tool'ish but uberly functional and sexy tune. Finally we see the "Smoking Parrot" on B2 coming up with a nice, ever repeating five tone melody and a sparsely changing, skeletal rhythm structure for late night floors. As that is where Mr. Brügesch's tunes work best anyway it's pretty clear that a lot of DJs out there are about to love this one as well. Quality.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mental Overdrive - Everything Is Connected [Love OD Communications Promo]

Following up to his December-released "Cycls" album Per Martinsen, better known as Mental Overdrive to the world of electronic music, has his new longplay work "Everything Is Connected" already lined up for January 23rd via his very own imprint Love OD Communications. And once again stylistic diversity is the key to fully embrace the great quality of his work. Rave-driven electronic Phonk, playful KrautDisco-referencing 4/4 pieces crossing over into the realms of (Neo)Trance, uplifting - if not happy - Breaks vs. ElectroHouse crossovers with an oldskool'ish twist, signal and stab-heavy UK Funky bangers (see the uber-tune "Mønster" for this one), perfectly crafted Tribal House efforts and much more is to be found amongst these eleven tracks which are about to please all lovers of classy club electronics for a reason. Recommended.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Escape From Brooklyn - Ecstacy Recall *Recall IV Remix

One of my favourite Techno projects from the early nineties on remix duties here. RECALL IV's version is still a killer after all these years. 22 years. Me likey.

WARNING: Do not watch if you suffer from epilepsy!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

J Cassar - Grime Scene Saviour (Free Download)

Uber-cold. I wanna hear MC's spitting hard bars on top of this riddim and cold floor their detractors.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

baze.djunkiii Charts 01/2014

01. Gorgon Sound E.P. [Peng Sound Records]
Although it's not the commonly most known fact about my musical descent it's more than true that I've been a huge sucker for Dub and DubHouse for a while back in the 90s after being introduced to this kind of sound by attending a show set up by Hamburg's former Fat Back Sound System in Flensburg around 1994 or so which had a huge impact on me for the following years. And although the musical focus has changed over the past  two decades there's a deep love for Dub within in  my heart and every once in a while there's the occasional Dub vinyl popping up that's so essential that it has to be added to my collection. Released in mid-2013 but only popping up in German record stores with a huge delay these days the 2x12" EP by Gorgon Sound is such a thing. Pressed on massive, heavy as fuck vinyl, released in a beautiful thick and gatefold cardboard cover, with two tunes graced by the vocals of Junior Dread and Guy Calhoun and two huge instrumental cuts this piece brings out everything I love about the style they call DubHouse. Lively, pounding 4/4 drums, huge waves of deepest analogue bass, offbeat licks, huge amounts of space, a pretty much stripped down, skeletal structure and a shitload of positive vibes - the right ingredients to make me listen to these tunes over and over again. 100% greatness.

02. A Sagittariun - Dream Ritual [Elastic Dreams]
An album highly praised by myself in the recent issue of the German FAZE Magazine and without a doubt one of the most important longplay pieces released in late - if not all of - 2013. The quite mysterious A Sagittariun caters a rich musical menu in between the realms of beautifully floating Ambient, calm Electronica, Intelligent / Armchair Techno, PostIndustrial / ProtoElectro similar to a sound once provided by legends like Cabaret Voltaire or Cybotron and, not only due to its perfect emulation of the early 90s sound pedigree but also to its broad musical variety and perfect craft, is one of the rare essential albums every electronic music fan is highly recommended to include in his or her collection. There's no way not to love this for a reason.

03. Cabaret Voltaire - Micro-Phonies [Intone / Mute]
What an essential piece to be re-issued after all these years. Cabaret Voltaire are playing with faraway echoes of PostPunk /P Funk whilst walking down the PostIndustrial, NuBeat, Electro and ProtoTechno alley. Great to hear all-time favorites like "The Operative", "Spies In The Wires", "Digital Rasta" or the notorious "Sensoria" on virgin vinyl again as this one, apart from a like 15 year old CD to tape copy received from a friend, was missing in my collection for ages.

04. DJ Rashad - Double Cup [Hyperdub]
The more I douse into Juke and Footwork and related sounds from Windy City the more I deeply love it. The abstract layers, the echoes of Future R'n'B and DigiSoul, the multiple tempos, the sweet breakdowns, the Jungle reminiscing samples, the raw vibes - all of it. And DJ Rashad and his Teklife mates bring out the best of it within these 15 tracks including the already anthemic "I Don't Give A Fuck", the huge "Everyday Of My Life", the undeniable amen party anthem "Drank, Kush, Barz", the uber-sexy "ShowU How"and the screeching "Acid Bit" - a collaboration with Addison Groove. Instant classic that's not to be missed for no reason.

05. Four Seasons Vol. 3 [Got2Go Records 004 Whitelabel Promo]
Limited to 300 12" copies pressed on blue vinyl and featuring tracks by Kat Channel, Elec Pt. 1 and Techno legend Affie Yusuf. All of them are exploring the realms of deep, raw and uncut analogue House music with a partly windy city twist that's provided by Kat Channel whilst Elec Pt.1 steps out into mindbending, darkly scintillating Acid(House) and Affie Yusuf focuses on a tense and pumping Crime Scene House attitude. Great.

06. Daniel Avery - Drone Logic [Phantasy Sound / Because Music]

Masterpiece? Yes, indeed. Daniel Avery's debut is one of a rare and hard to find kind. Somewhere in between tripped out Breakstep, free floating Electro, Underworld-reminiscing Techno with an Acid twist - "Naive Response" - and Intelligent  Techno, spread over two massive vinyl discs of thrilling depth and sound quality. A ravers wet dream and an essential addition to every collection. Killer.

07. Chizh - New Day [Plus Seven Records 002 Promo]
The Russian producer Aleksander Korneev a.k.a. Chizh serves his partially Soul- and mostly Acid-infused view on Slowest Motion Beatdown and SloHouse without giving up his dancefloor focus which is kinda hard when one falls below 100 bpm tempowise. But still: it's working out here and even at this low tempo these four tunes are driving and thrilling as fuck. Remarkable piece and it seems we'll  have to keep an eye on this label in future times. Check "Get Out" for a proof.

08. Allen Alexis - The Other Side [Freakadelle 003]
The Austrian duo Allen Alexis comes up with its sophomore album here and kicks things off with the epic 10+ minutes runtime song - sic!!! - "Exciting" that sets the path for things to come with its longing but distressed SynthPop vocal setting on top of dark'ish PostEBM vs. ElectroClash beats that do also know about the dancefloor magic of Pop-flavored MinimalHouse or -Techno as well as about Psycho SynthPop, deep melancholia and the darkness of a nightlife-driven lifestyle. One for very special moments shortly after a long night out has come to an end. Nice.

09. Doyeq - Road To River [Moshitaka 001 Promo]
It seems like big ol' Russia is on the rise these days as I cannot recall one single chart within my nearly 15 years of doing monthlys which featured two releases from this country. Not a single one. Anyway, with the launch of the fresh Moshitaka label we see the Moscow-based production duo named Doyeq exploring the warm and decent realms of DubTechno and serving a hyperchilled hit with the A2-featured "Sine" which basslines kinda come up as warm, analogue and heavy as if they were taken and remodeled from old Jungle and Drum'n'Bass tunes. Huge one.

10. Trentemøller - Gravity [In My Room 016 Promo]
See review for details...

Friday, January 10, 2014

Captain Capa - Ikari (Where Do We Go Now) [official video]

Great song, nice video and probably the last ever music video filmed @ Hamburg's beloved Molotow which was forced to close down only recently due to unforeseen circumstances. I'm glad that I had the chance to see Captain Capa's last show in that place I've been attending throughout the last 17 years or even longer.

Side fact: the first release party for my label Intrauterin Recordings happened at Molotow back in the late 90s, where I also played as a DJ a few times - even alongside Lawrence of Dial Records before he was known as Lawrence but played out Drum'n'Bass at his own parties named "Dial US Navy 666".

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Introducing: Lost Reviews From The Archive - Was nach der Deadline übrig blieb.

Regular readers of these pages might have recognized the occasional review written in German popping up here like this or this or that throughout the last 18 months or so, all called "lost reviews" because they had been originally written for print but weren't published due to a lack of space. But as has been focusing on an international audience ever since it always felt like second best to include them here, just because these reviews seemed to break the flow being isolated areas of a language that's not accessible to every reader. So I finally made up my mind and came up with

"Lost Reviews From The Archive - Was nach der Deadline übrig blieb." which can be accessed via .

Basicly this will be a personal graveyard and archive for reviews written in German that remained unpublished for one reason or another, aiming to provide access to these which might have ended up in dust-covered digital archives otherwise. While working on the site and having a lot of hustle including re-routing and setting up virtual name servers and stuff I've never done before some content went up already and will be updated whenever new stuff is there. And if I do manage to set up the feed right updates will be published automatically via twitter as well.

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 017]

Back once again here is the unstoppable. Incredibly skilled and  musically hyperactive Sascha Müller serves the next update in his ever growing series of untitled albums on his very own Super Six Records-imprint. Starting with the analogue, granular sounds of "The Dark Side Of The MS20 Part 01" which is - according to it's musical headings - not only a kinda swampy and isolationist area but also a huge intro track for an album considering it stretches out over approx. 14 minutes runtime. But it wouldn't be a Sascha Müller release at all if it wasn't all about House and Techno and so the monotonous, machine-like bang bang bang of massive bassdrums not accompanied by melodies but more mechanical noises is introduced with the second serving named "The Entrance" - a tune made of steel and concrete for sure that's followed by a deeper, more stripped down and hell of sexy Oldskool House menu going by the name of "The Nightbird". More greatness is to be found on this one in musical areas as there are Harsh Experimental Electro, frolicking Motor City bangers, heavily bubbling, analogue Acid baths and even raw, uber-dope Acid TripHop / Chemical Downbeat for advanced dancefloors. Variety rules and if it's served in perfectly crafted way it's a quality no-one can't deny. Add to your collection.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Ich-AG Geige - Trickbeat [Arbeiten Und Nicht Verzweifeln 001 Promo]

Surprisingly and wrapped in hessian cloth this strange but well amusing little 7" has been sitting my postbox more recently, catering four tracks paying homage to the legendary late 80s / early 90s experimental East Germany-rooted band outfit AG Geige not only by its artist name as Ich-AG Geige but also by serving new interpretations of two songs taken off their 1991 album release "Raabe?". "Trickbeat" - also reworked by Bob Humid and $TKPR to full effect - is a lo-fi'ish, 8bit-flavored ArtSchool banger with a pretty seductive groove that makes your head pop back and forth within seconds whilst "Ich Bin Ihr Boy" on the flip comes up on a straight 4/4 MinimalPop-beat that unveils certain similarities to Cologne's late 90s school of so-called SchlagerTechno but lives up to a slightly Dorau'esque touch of the absurd whilst driving dancefloors mad. Rumours have it that this one is a limited to 300 copies vinyl only pressing - and a  recommended one indeed. Hunt a copy down if you can, coze it provides great fun.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Jammin Unit - Ali Bey! [DJungle Fever / Liquid Sky Berlin]

Not only one of my personal alltime favorites when it comes to Acid but also one of the most epic breakdowns I've ever come across. Used to give me fucking goosebumps whenever I used to play that track in a set.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

[aniYo kore] - Remedy [BOBHARRIS002]

Taken from their sophomore album "Y" [aniYo kore], also known and praised as retrievers of vocal-driven Downtempo melancholia, have recently taken their first 7" release single off the album which is available on the circuit as a limited run of 100 purple pressings still - hopefully.  Apart from the raw, kinda Folk-driven, life suffering original version with its great sluggish beat structure we'll find Noclu's remix effort on the flip which is turning the whole song into a blurred PostStep affair. Riding on huge analogue waves of pure bass only a few, part- or heavily transformed vocal snippets are shining through layers and layers of echoes and delays - pleasing sophisticated dancefloors and lovers of electronic shoegaze alike. A nice one for sure.