Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Longplay love 25.0

Metalcore anyone? Bridge To Solace are coming straight outta Budapest and are about to take Europe and the world with their storming longplayer "Where Nightmares And Dreams Unite" which is to be released via the dutch Hardcore-imprint GSR Music in mid-July. Nine tracks included here, each of them a true force and about to transform dancefloors into heavy moshpits, brutal but still melodic, totally thrilling and fueled with raw energy, expertly played and highly addictive even to those not involved in this specific scene. Make sure to catch Bridge To Solace while they're touring Europe this summer - dates are to be found on their myspace-page.

Twelve songs, 29.30 minutes. This is the very basic data information on "Disconnecting", Sinking Ship's very debut album on Revelation Records due to be released on July 28th and a must have for those being into the classic school of anthemic Hardcore. Driving uptempo riffs, some shout-a-long hooklines - perfect soundtrack to blast out of yr bombox to accompany skate-sessions, backyard basketball games and a fair amount of canned beer. Insert *my very own personal nostalgia* here as that's how I partly spent - apart from raving to mid-90's Techno stuff - a few summers of my own youth.

June 23rd saw the release of "Ghost Story", which is the new album of the Hardcore-group When Tigers Fight on Dead Serious. The bunch of five - Mike McTernan, Jonathan Dennison, Ken Olden, Scott Andrews & Jarrod Alexander - provides 12 tracks of straightforward, uncomprimising Hardcore, angry without negative attitude, melodic but not weak anyway - a piece of art serving the essence of all the bands in which the members of When Tigers Fight used to play in before or are still part in as there are The Suicide File, The Promise and others. You like them? Hook up with them via myspace...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 37

Whitelabel business - no information given here except from the matrix code dB001, which might be standing for "dirty Boots" or sth. similar, and a stamped shoeprint on the label, but containing two tracks worth to check out on the dancefloor. A-side provides a minimalistic and slightly trancey rework of "You Really Got Me Going?" - an old track by The Kinks afaik - whilst the flipside comes up with a NuSkoolBreaks-flavored bootleg of a tune by Grauzone, which is one of Germany's many early 80's bands of the so-called NDW-movement and best known for their song "Eisbär". If you like Adam Freeland's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"-bootie of back in the days and you're up for some funny trash as well try to grab a copy of this for sure.

Another massive tune out on Worldless Records is Kalle-M's "Icehockey" which holds no. 009 in the labels catalogue. An excellent mixture of decent minimalism, huge hands-up bassline pressure and warm trancey flavours is killing it whereever played out and will be lifted to anthem status within shortest of times. File under: sureshot. On the flip a remix by Marko Laine offers some functional Shuffle beats and Kalle-M's "Molari" proves that NeoTrance is one of these days favorite tastes when it comes to 4-2-the-floor dance music.

Australia-based label Hell's Bassment Records have put their second release recently which is one of the darkest Drum'n'Bass-12"es around these days. A-side sees DJ G-I-S teaming up with Bad Matter for their "End Of Days" serving nonetheless but massive Hardcore Choppage fused with anthemic basslines and athmospheric vocal samples taken off "Lord Of the Rings", which seems to be G-I-S' favourite sample source. Flipsidewise there's .Of God featuring the unforgotten Carl Crack going "Into The Shadows Of Madness" - a dancefloor bashing tune featuring oldskool'ish rave signals alongside the dark fucked up beats of urban angst & decay accompanied by Carl Crack's desperate lyrics. Primetime stuff.

Although The Up Escalator are based in Berlin their music is british, very british as some might say and think. Deep into the sound of BritPop and Nu- / NeoWave their new E.P. - yes, five songs! - named "Life Is Sound" is to be released on Phonector, scheduled for July 7th and a nice piece of music to check out this summer combining positivism, uptempo beats and quite a bit of Pop attitude without crossing over into mainstream format. Sounds good? Check 'em out on myspace.com as well...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

02.07.2006 Astoria Frühclub @ SM Bar / Hamburg

file under: ElektroHouse / TechHouse / Minimal

baze.djunkiii (Intrauterin Recordings / Laka-Tosh-Music)
+ Astoria Frühclub Posse

doors open: 06:00 a.m.

SM Bar
Grosse Freiheit 6
Hamburg St. Pauli

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Straight from the Ghetto - News on HipHop, pt. 13

Berlin Mitte-based Mutant- / Experimental-HipHop imprint Bomb Mitte comes up with another remarkable 7"-release. Produced by a project of the strange name Food For Animals there's three tracks of serious mental illness provided on this beloved vinyl format featuring fucked-up beat wizzardry, stylewise quite close to what Funkstörung once provided on their "Multiple Grammy Winners" and well influenced by NYC's WordSound collective tunes of newer origin accompanied by an excellent MC flowing oldskool style on top highly digital structures. If you're on of these sick beat-addicted figures out there into everything far off the mainstream then this is to be your weekly dosis of limited hard to find-shit to ask your local recordstore for.

Oh mi gosh - we all know that japanese people & music tend to be strange sometimes but this is positively sick. Teriyaki Boys are kind of what might be called Japan's Rap-supergroup and now signed to (B)Ape Music which now are spreading their ill-named single "Beef Or Chicken" on promo circuit. Bi-lingual - English / Japanese - raps on massive dancefloor-moving beats of the weirdo kind, mixed up with just a small percentage of Digisoul-influences and urban melancholia, a touch of bouncing Crossover-appeal like the Beastie Boy's had as well (...and yes, Ad Rock likes them!) and also sounds usually to be found in French Filter House are in use here. Play this and ppl are about to - what? - "Jump Around"! Especially "Kamikaze 108 *Toridoshi Mix" is a baaaad choon and might work well with some of u grimeists out there.

Mobb Deep's "Put 'Em In Their Place" on G Unit / Interscope has been on promo for a while, defo not their biggest tunes so for but a well-moving tool for the jocks out there. Beats and bassline roll out quite slow and monotonously, fueled with urban dangerzone athmosphere and anthemic raps on top. Produce by Havoc and Sha Money XL this is and a teaser for their upcoming album "Blood Money". Hope they vary styles a bit on that, as a dozen of "Put 'Em In Their Places"-clones won't make it an interesting album at all.

And now to something completely strange: Vibekingz feat. Maliq's "She's Like The Wind" on Universal / Urban . No bull talk here, everyone remembers Patrick Swayze's original from "Dirty Dancing" - btw, the original soundtrack LP even sits somewhere on my shelves for childhood nostalgia reasons - which at least is a quality piece of Pop Music and no-one's about to deny that, aight? Might call it a classic as well, so why the hell do people think this track needs a y2k6 DigiSoul-update? It does not. Period. But to be fair beats & prodcution seem to be on an ok standard so I'll keep it in my collection just for the Radio Version Instrumental. Sigh... one out of six versions provided ain't a good result at all.

referenzloop.biz - online now!

referenzloop.biz has been launched today, offering the latest Rudel Records products like Rudel Records Streetwear & Collectors Items.

Futurewise we plan to stock forthcoming Rudel Records releases, all available releases of Intrauterin Recordings / Intrauterin Tapes plus associated labels and products. Watch this space!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

baze.djunkiii @ myspace.com

Finally I've done it. I'm on myspace.

Didn't think I'd embrace this thing that fast and defo planned to avoid it as long as possible as I already use to spend long hours online on a daily basis. But fuck that anyway, resistance is futile.

Drop by, waste my time, be my friend or just say "hello." .

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Longplay love 24.0

Mike Patton went Pop. Although this sounds shocking at first we all can imagine that his definition of Pop is not exactly the mainstreams, but still Patton's new album project Peeping Tom on his very own Ipecac Recordings is his most accessible work of art since Faith No More. Not working face 2 face with his list of collaborators which includes the likes of Massive Attack, Norah Jones, Odd Nosdam, Kid Koala plus more Patton was writing tracks for whomever he thought would be fitting on top, posted the result and just hoped for a reply in form of a finished piece. Seems strange, regarding that no-one would ever know what is about to come out of this procedure, but worked fine as the whole Peeping Tom-album proves. Beats are cloudy and often (Leftfield) HipHop- / Downbeat-related but fueled with thrilling kinds of Rock-/Pop-structures and even deal with real choruses which is a rare thing to be found in Mike Patton's work today. If this kind of music would be airplayed - and it truely has the potential to be appreciated by a wider audience - by any major station the world would've become a better place for sure.

You love the darkness of film noir as much as the apparent artsy glam-attitude of bands like Queen or King Crimson and the provoking avantgarde of the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show? You do? Really? Then you're the weirdo type of guy to check the new album of singer/songwriter/producer John Congleton's band The Paper Chase which has been released on Southern Records recently under the name of "Now You Are One Of Us", a title as dark and kryptic as most of the song titles e.g. "We Know Were You Sleep", "The Song Will Eat Itself" or "The House Is Alive And The House Is Hungry" are, capturing what could've been quotes taken from old zombie films. Athmospheres too, as some of Congleton's songs feel really psyched out and I guess he is. Guess his mom called him "Sickboy" all the time - maybe she shouldn't have done this?

Berlin's local Punkrock heroes Stakeout are about to release their new album "Wes Kind Ich Ess, Des Fahrrad Ich Klau" on July 6th. And no, I'm not about to translate this, I'm not even giving a try 'coze there's some kinda wortwitz which is about to be lost anyway. As the album title clearly suggests the bunch of four early- to mid-twenties sings and performs in german language without fulfilling the cliche of being either commercial Fun- or instructive PolitPunk, although they're funny, witty and zinging as well, dealing with well-known Punkrock-issues like being anti-capitalist, anti-employer, anti-authority as well as everyday struggle of unfulfilled love or weirdo Ska-flavored anti-insect songs like "Insekten Haben Keine Lobby". A bit of everything inside, quite likeable and a proper soundtrack for swigging down some cans of cold beer throughout a hot summer.

30.06.2006 Die Boombox @ Bar Josephine / Hamburg

Die Boombox @ Bar Josephine / Hamburg

file under: Grime / Dubstep / Eski / Sublow / Jungle / Drum'n'Bass


DJ Da Cut [Rudel Records]
baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Rudel Records]

doors: 23oo cet
free entry

Bar Josephine
Grosse Freiheit 32
Hamburg St. Pauli

Directly at the infamous Grosse Freiheit, straight in the heart of Hamburg's redlight district, is where the cosy Bar Josephine is located - a more underground flavored space rounded by commercial dance temples and mainstream discotheques, an island of of resistance paving ways for advanced musical journeys. That's what we're up for as well and due to this Rudel Records is about to establish a regular night here on every 4th Friday - except from this special launch night - for all lovers of upfront urban dance music like Grime, Dubstep, Eski, Sublow, Jungle & Drum'n'Bass. Join us!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Parts in the post, pt. 36

Justice's "Waters Of Nazareth" is the recent release on the french imprint Ed Banger Records, another piece of digitally distorted ElectroHouse which might be loved by many but is not exactly my personal cup of tea, neither is the original version nor the two featured remixes by Justice and Erol Alkan. But check out B2, which is the "DJ Funk Bounce Dat Ass Remix" of Justice's "Let There Be Light" - a top notch GhettoBass-tune rawkkin' on a dry ChicagoBasement tip.

North German HardTechno-producer Tadox is about to launch his own label Protect Records these days. First release is "Big City Fever", a four track E.P. written and produced by Tadox himself. Title track "Big City Fever", which is also to be found on B1 remixed by Robert Natus in a quite Hardcore-flavored way, combines HardTechno and big anthemic basslines plus a few small breakdowns providing a kind of live athmosphere - some of you might remember the use of similar breakdowns from early and mid-90's House tunes on labels like Strictly Rhythm and the likes of. "Insanity" on A2 is a straightforward marching tune including nice filter trickery in sound design, while "Big Trouble" on B2 keeps things on a tool tip and the crowd moving.

It hasn't been to long since Groove Coverage's "21st Century Digital Girl" on Zeitgeist/Universal made me grin big time due to its cheesy as hell attitude and is now followed by another two remix 12"es. Vinyl one contains reworks by Teenagerz and Conways while on viny two "21st Century Digital Girl" is remixed by Marco Viani and Fernet & Branco. Excellent under the commercial flag of "Gude Launä!" for DJ's that don't take theirselves too serious - but if you're the baldhead nerdy type of geezer, keep your hands off this!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Intrauterin Recordings Digital Extra - new subbranch to be launched soon

Yes, it's true - Intrauterin Recordings opens a new subbranch which is about to put out releases on the digital market within shortest of times.

In difference to the already existing sister label Intrauterin Recordings Digital [cat.no. code is intra_d] , which is focusing on digital re-releases of limited Intrauterin Recordings vinyl editions, the freshly established section Intrauterin Recordings Digital Extra [cat.no. code is intra_dx] is our new digital outlet for licensed tunes that haven't been available in any digital format before and exclusive releases for the digital market.

Following releases are signed for Intrauterin Recordings Digital Extra yet:

intra_dx001 Intrauterin Alliance - Der Geist Gottes
intra_dx002 Intrauterin Alliance - ...meets Automatenmusik
intra_dx003 Intrauterin Alliance - Banane
intra_dx004 Orderly Chaos - Limited Forever
intra_dx005 Rotor - Votum E.P.
intra_dx006 Sascha Müller - Hypnotools Vol. 1
intra_dx007 Sascha Müller - Percussive Storm E.P.
intra_dx008 Lettuce - The Lost Paradise