Friday, May 31, 2013

Foremost Poets - Reasons To Be Dismal? [Poker Flat Recordings 139 Promo]

Every once in a while Steve Bug picks one of his alltime favorite tracks and re-releases it with new mixes through one of his labels and usually this re-cuts are top notch. This time it's Foremost Poets 1990 Nu Groove classic "Reasons To Be Dismal?" that's put on the circuit again via Poker Flat Recordings - a track that seems to never ever leave Mr. Brügesch's box for a reason and it's understood that these new reworks are as thrilling as the original cut and solid as granite rocks. The proper uplift is provided by first league producers like Dixon or Motorcitysoul and - as one can easily guess - the labels main head Steve Bug provides one of his very special reworks that are a more like classic re-edits working with the original source sounds and rearranging parts like it was done in the good old days instead of adding lots of own, new material to a track that is close to perfection anyway. Keeping it classic and still updating things properly - this is how we like and it's pretty obvious that "Reasons To Be Dismal?" is, no matter if original or remix, here to last another two decades minimum which is a mighty long time in nightlife and club culture.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Charli XCX

Actually I wasn't aware of Charli XCX until I reviewed her debut album recently as I'm not necessarily following what's happening in Mainstream Pop Music but I gotta admit that this girls got talent, a feel for balancing darkness and Pop and defo a thing for drama. Me likey. Her album "True Romance" is due via Asylum / Warner Music soon'ish.

Monday, May 27, 2013

18 Years Of Aquasky

Eighteen years is a mighty long time in everyones life and when it comes to the music industry this timespan nearly equals eternity. There ain't many artists, labels or projects out there that've been able to withstand the ups and downs of such a long period so it's defo something special that the bass triumvirate consisting of Brent Newitt, Dave Wallace and Kieron Bailey is still up and running, providing their bass vision to the world. The three of them - better known as Aquasky to all clubbers and trueskool headz - have come a long way from HipHop to TripHop to Drum'n'Bass, Breaks, Full-On Filth and whatever bass-related you can make your mind up on so it was about time to team up with Brent Newitt for a little email interview session...

Being 18 years in the business now – can you give us a brief excerpt on what Aquasky was about when you started back in 1995 and what the project has evolved into when you look at where you're at in 2013?

Aquasky to us back in the day was an amalgamation of different genres. I use to make hip hop/trip hop and collect jazz. Dave was into Art Of Noise and use to make old school rave. Kieron liked rock and made early jungle and used to be in a punk band. But we all loved the deeper sound of d&b and thats where we placed ourselves and thats where we got our first fan base. Intelligent, liquid, jazzy jungle, call it what you like (a mate of mine recently told me he called the scene back then romantic jungle as a pisstake lol!) We never thought we would still be here now making music. We use to make it in daves bedroom and use to get pissed on cheap cider!

With your first record released in the early PostJungle-era when Drum'n'Bass emerged on the Breakbeat horizon and being present in the 'ardcore continuum ever since, albeit serving a different style range from Drum'n'Bass to NuSkoolBreaks, even HipHop / TripHop back in the days and more Filthy Bass recently, it's pretty obvious that you've got a thing for classic Amen breaks and kinda oldskool'ish rave stabs and / or piano licks that appear in many of your productions. How influential are the old days for your productions nowadays and can Aquasky be referred to as the saviour of what's been called UK Hardcore – not necessarily soundwise but more like in keeping that high octane feel alive?

You hit the nail on the head when you said HIGH OCTANE. Thats what we decided to try and obtain back in 98 I think when we wrote the track Sonix. People use to think we were all about lush melodies and dreamy vibes and it use to bug us out as we were original 80’s ravers. We just flowed with the scene and the liquid sound was a progression. We then were introduced to Nu Skool Breaks by Adam Freeland who persuaded us to make some. But what he sent us was too ploddy, lowbrow and not really our thing. We listened to more and realised that no one was making the serious jungle fused breaks. Thats when we decided that we would focus on that vibe. The music we make is a reflection of the scene and the music that we grew up listening to. Our music continues the vibe of old school rave where you could sample anything, make music at any tempo and mash it up. The energy, the memory, the synergy... we are the link between the old and the new. 

Talking energy and feel there's no chance to not talk about the dancefloor. Is there things that have obviously changed when you go out to play a DJ show? What's the difference between a 95 raver and a 2013 kid out in a rave or at a club – do you see any when it comes to attitude and expectation when people enter a party?

Yes, its not as violent as it use to be. The raves were illegal and the drug dealers were running the show. There was always a little tension between black and white kids, perhaps not as much as I use to experience at hip hop jams in the 80’s and early 90’s but there was defo some bad vibes still. The rave scene brought people together, made people happy. The commercial club scene we have today will never have the feelings and emotions of the old parties. Its too sterile, too structured and too much about money. I can't bring myself to listen to the radio these days as its full of dance music. That scene is precious to me and I dont like to share it lol! I suppose I am from a generation when we had to search out things, we had to put the effort in. We had to take risks and chances and experiment. These days you have the internet, mobile phones, radio 1 playing d&b during the day. Its not as mysterious as it was and thats what attracted me to it. But thats just age for you, things were always better back in the day lol... thats what grandparents say isnt it!!!

Following you on twitter I've learnt that you, Brent, have recently re-discovered a lot of classic Jungle stuff and really dig that style again – how did that came about?

It never went! Those records a precious to me and I go thru phases of what I listen to. I am lucky that I can connect the dots from the 60’s to the present day with my record collection. My record collection is like youtube. Ask me for a tune and I more than likely will have it or know someone who does!

What does the near future bring for Aquasky? There's a new album to come – tell us a bit about that...

Well, not sure when the next album will be done. Sometime next year I expect. Its finding the time now we are dads and have grownup things to do! But the future will always be there and we will always be apart of it.

Finally - three records that have been influential for Aquasky as a project?

For me: 
Peshay - The Piano Tune. 
Mark Murphy – Red Clay. 
Main Source – Looking At The Front Door

Thx a lot for your time, Brent. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sascha Müller - 1000002 [Sascha Müller Music]

Three new tracks from the endless archives of Sascha Müller on this one who is embracing a raw, filtered and stripped down but never minimalistic House vibe with "Bettwanzentanz" which reminds me of early Playhouse / Ladomat 2000 or Radikal Fear releases. "Bettgeflüster" is riding on the same train whilst "Bettfloh" heavily flanges its higher frequencies and comes up with a marching, quite military snare programming and an ever repeating two tone motive in combination with a short nerve bending Acid sequence that's able to transform your local dancefloor into an ecstatic rollercoaster ride, storming forward like a freight train on maximum speed. Recommended for a reason. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tocotronic - Ich Will Für Dich Nüchtern Bleiben [Audiolith Promo]

This is massive. Hamburg's own Indie heroes Tocotronic - one of these bands for which the genre term Hamburger Schule was coined ages ago - are unleashing the second single taken off their new album "Wie Wir Leben Wollen" via Audiolith , a double A-side 7" featuring two reworks by the uber-bands Egotronic and Frittenbude. Whilst "Ich Will Für Dich Nüchtern Bleiben (Egotronic Wirklich Nüchtern Mix)" stays quite close to the innocent IndiePop feel of the original and adds only a few more elctronic bits here and there we see Frittenbude's "Abschaffen (Dandyrevolution - Frittenbude Remix)" rockin' the joint on top of super intense, heavily stuttering beats and alert bass fused with what's maybe the most oppressive and abstract lyrical work the band came up with throughout their skyrocketing career so far. A musical rampage, a 'marish soundtrack for dreams you wish you never ever dreamed. Running through wastelands with this one blasting thorugh your headphones is able to induce paranoia for sure. Killer!     

Intrauterin Recordings Art Card #1 @ Kompaktkiste

Our man Wolf Kemker has recently added the new Intrauterin Recordings Art Card #1 to his world famous Kompaktkiste database - his very own, accurate and personal view on relevant and mostly electronic music sitting somewhere in his endless shelves.

Being the dedicated fan of the good he is Wolf has once provided nice scans and collected data available - have a look here and send him shouts on his preferred social network. Big up!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nirvana - Pennyroyal Tea (Live Video)

For some obscure reason the melody and hookline of this song have been stuck in my head for hours and hours now. I'm defo not the biggest Nirvana fan on earth although I do like their raw energy and aggression - who doesn't, btw? - and I haven't been listening to their stuff in ages. But as it happens sometimes "Pennyroyal Tea" was popping up from the memory vaults and it seems it's gonna stay present for a while. Which is not bad as it is a great song for sure.

Baths - Obsidian [Anticon. Promo]

Baths' new and June scheduled "Obsidian" album seems to the antipode to the recent wave of bloody, gore'esque DeathRap and drug-infused CrackHop that has been floating through these pages lately. To be released via the quality serving Anticon. label the Pitchfork darling of 2010 caters ten variations of a deep and blurry, string driven musical background with a clearly Downtempo-related feel (...although some tunes are breaking out into more danceable fields) on which Will Wiesenfeld a.k.a. Baths unfolds his melancholia sprouting vocals that interweave IndieHop references with a more poetic, folky, intimate and campfire'esque performance. This blurryness is responsible for making "Obsidian" feel more like sort of an autumnal longplay piece, working best when there's thickening fog outside, the temperatures are getting close to zero again and you need to hold someone in your loving arms again. Making love to "Obsidian" seems to be a good thing to do as well. Or just to fuck. Which is a difference.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dan Wuh. - Not Your Usual 90-91 House & Hardcore Mix

Usually I'm not the one spending hours and hours on the interwebs, looking for great mixes and listening to millions of them constantly. But this one provided by Dan Wuh. totally nails it for me - pure joy & euphoria. Killer.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kommando Sonne-nmilch - You Pay I Fuck [Major Label 062 Promo]

Yeah. Punkrock. Psyched and condensed into thirteen tracks and a playtime of 39 minutes, emanating from the mind of Jens Rachut who is widely known as mastermind of the great N.R.F.B. project and founder of bands legendary like Oma Hans, Dackelblut or Blumen Am Arsch Der Hölle. Without musical frills apart from a female off choir that's popping up from time all songs are marching straight forward like a proper street fighting gang ready to take action. The whole album provides an aura that's kinda timeless, especially when it comes to the Crime Funk bass driven "6/8", and I guess it's never about to grow old on anyone being into Punk and related stuff which is also due to Rachut's special lyrics that go slightly deeper than your regular Punk Rock album with lines like "Der Letzte macht das Licht aus. Und auch die ganzen Dimmer", "Wenn du draussen Lärm hörst ist nicht immer Krieg"  or "Das System ist einfach. Wer Angst hat der friert." that make you surely think twice. Listening to a tune like "Liebesbombenkrater" telling the story of someone who has lost the love of his life makes ones heart feel sick for a reason and the conrete grey depression of "Schwesternmilch" is one of the darkest, crestfallen things I've come across in ages. There's no future. Still.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Saalschutz - Nichtsnutz [Audiolith Promo]

Recently released via Hamburg's Audiolith Records is "Nichtsnutz", the latest - and fourth - longplay assault of the most famous and defo most recognized swiss ElectroPunk outfit ever. Yes, we're talking Saalschutz which are coming up with a big double feature here including the mentioned "Nichtsnutz" plus a full-on live recorded bonus album named "Singen Tanzen Ecken Kanten" to please all dedicated fans out there. Starting with a short spoken word intro feature by Eurodance ambassador DJ Bobo "Nichtsnutz" blows your mind immediately with the first real song, the social media critic "Und Alle So Yeah", sends you to outer space with the beautiful SynthRave ballad "Für Eine Sekunde Unendlich" which features the ethereal, trippy vocal works of Elektra Polytone, touches your heart with the Pop driven melancholia of "Das, Was Uns Kaputt Macht", makes you dance your ass off to the HighEnergy-induced "Alles Geht In Flammen Auf" and serves flashing irony with "Der Star". This combination alone makes "Nichtsnutz" an album as great as an album can be but also the songs not mentioned here in detail are killing your local IndieRave dancefloor within seconds, transforming clubs into moshpits and turning audiences into a frenzy. This is how we like it and whilst listening to the high octane live recordings of "Singen Tanzen Ecken Kanten" one can literally see the audience brocking out wild in front of the stage to tunes like "19, 9 & 90", "Headliner Der Herzen", "Ravepunk Für Eine Bessere Welt" or "Mein Pop, Dein Pop". This is how they do it and this is why you shouldn't miss Saalschutz when they're on stage in your town.

Third Side & Virginia - Shit On Me Remixes [Restoration 016 Whitelabel]

Minimaler Techno in Reinform, setzen doch die vier Remixes auf dieser Whitelabel 12“ ihre Reize nur sparsam in Form kaum spürbarer Verschiebungen im Klangbild ein und kommen daher nicht über den ordinären Toolstatus hinaus. Trockenes Material für Extrempuristen, hier geliefert in Variationen von Virginia, Ra.H , Xenogear und Marco Shuttle von denen einzig letztgenannter mit der Tiefe Detroits zu kokettieren weiss und so zumindest ein wenig Inner City Soul auf die Tanzfläche bringt.

Another lost review originally written for FAZE Magazine.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Napalm Def w/ Bagelface - Tigers [Hirntrust Grind Media 035]

Coming up next from Austria's ever active Hirntrust Grind Media-camp is another crack-driven exploration of the dark realms of DeathRap, this time provided by the sonic executors known in the US under the name of Napalm Def featuring their hometown homie Bagelface. Referring to the early days of MutantHipHop with a sparse, grinding foundation of blurred, washed out beats ever pounding like the heart beat of a force clearly evil they lay down their verses in a pitched down, 'marish, post crime'ish manner that seems to be recorded live at their local opium den. But still - this is straight up Philly street sound and the everyday soundtrack of live in a run down city. Illest shit.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sascha Müller [Super 6 Records Extra 007]

Fresh stuff coming from our man Sascha Müller who's unleashing his next full length album via Super 6 Records here that starts with a massive double feature "Bügeln & Brettern 1" / "Bügeln & Brettern 2" that promises huge things Techno-wise with a storming, straightforward attitude that keeps the right floors busy and is nothing but sweet fat burning energy. And they're not proved wrong by the tracks following - the dry antigroove of the Chicago Basement reminiscant named "9 Volt", the positively trancing "RIM", the Ambient blueprint "Der Zeitgeber" and more AcidTrance-thrills, bass driven Chitown Phonk, sex driven TechHouse, heavily pumping 303 shakers and whatever more is to be found on this long play inferno that calls life a party. Banger.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trentemøller - Never Stop Running [In My Room Promo]

Coming up next on Anders Trentemøller's very own label In My Room is the first single launched from his new album rocket "Lost" that's scheduled for early fall 2013. The first outtake named "Never Stop Running" is a very special IndiePop piece with a bit of Queen'esque feel although things never turn GlamRock here. Rather than that it's more about an ever changing, meandering arrangement and the seductive vocal melancholia spread by Jonny Pierce of The Drums who is taking on vocal duties here over a Wave-bass driven electronic backing. Defo not the most accessible or catchiest Pop song ever, but one that grows on you for a long time and for a reason will never leave you alone in your darkest moments. Nice.

David Sardelle - Na Das Is Ja Herbstallerliebst (Free Download)

Alien Wobble from the future, as cold as stainless steel. Killer weapon!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Radunz & Leitner - Cubil [TBV 005]

Etwas undurchsichtiges Release mit leicht ravig, trancigen Zügen und gleicher Tracklist auf A- und B-Seite, das vermutlich dem Dunstkreis des Pioneer Alpha-Grossraves zuzuordnen ist und sich nicht wirklich zwischen Techno und TechHouse, kommerziellem Ansatz und Underground-Attitüde entscheiden kann, am liebsten wohl sogar alles gleichzeitig verkörpern würde. Viele Zutaten also, die den Brei nicht unbedingt besser machen und so wabert „Cubik“ ein wenig richtungslos durch die Welt, um nach der nächsten Pioneer Alpha komplett in der Versenkung zu verschwinden.

Another lost review originally written for FAZE Magazine that didn't make it into the print issue.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Out Now: Intrauterin Recordings Art Card #1

A secret project that has been in the making for a while is a new, art-related subsidiary of Intrauterin Recordings - the Intrauterin Art Card Series. Aiming to combine baze.djunkiii's previously unveiled lyrical works with photography and / or graphic design provided by a pool of young and / or upcoming artists this series will bring you an ongoing set of free special print collectibles, each piece limited to a run of 250 copies, that will be spread amongst the artists inner circles, friends and long time supporters as well as being sent out to special hand-picked adressees.

Intrauterin Recordings Art Card #1 features a 2011-written lyrical fragment by baze.djunkiii and alongside a photography by Anna Wullenweber which also took care of the graphic design.  

Thursday, May 09, 2013

baze.djunkiii Charts 05/2013

01. Stefan Goldmann - Ghost Hemiola [Macro]
Seems like there's a good time for silence these days although having a vinyl record playing can't never be fully sound free as there are always surface noises to deal with. This goes for last years grooveless PINK MINIMALISM as well as for Stefan Goldmann's "Ghost Hemiola" which serves a set of 2 x 66 empty - equals: silent - locked grooves spread over a double LP set for layering experiments, physical manipulation or whatever one can think of. Good concept is good. Conceptual art ftw.

02. Friction & Skream feat. Scrufizzer, P Money & Riko Dan - Kingpin [Shogun Audio 063]
What a banger - call it Halftime Drum'n'Bass or Drum'n'Grime or whatever, this one literally kills crowds within seconds. I gotta admit that although I'm neither a big fan of Friction nor Skream these days but seeing them teaming up with the Grime-related talents of P Money, Riko Dan and Scrufizzer and catering b-a-s-s lovers properly cannot be denied. Seminal tune that will be remembered in years. This goes not for the Calyx & Teebee remix on flip which is kind of o.k. though but nothing more than your average main floor thing.

03. Ulterior Motive - Right Here / Elephant Tune [Metalheadz]
Although Metalheadz hasn't been a consistent provider of flawless excellence throughout its long long history it's always a good idea to check out their latest releases 'coze they're usually releasing quality and - like in this case - are always up for the occasional groundbreaking 12" like this one which - at least afaik - features the first proper Dubstep tune that's released via Goldie's outlet. But let's talk "Right Here" first - seductive, unique vocals and a hypertense intro, deadly deep subs and a twisted but ever rolling beat foundation provide the right formula for all experienced Drum'n'Bass-headz whilst the "Elephant Tune" is a cold, static piece of SciFi Dubstep rolling with a crime scene feel that'll be surely loved by those still digging Distance's classic masterpiece of an album named  "My Demons". Pure futurist tension.

04. Cass. - Loops & Farewell Sketches *Special Limited Edition [Shhhh Records Promo]
The original album has been reviewed on these pages before but these days the limited version has been sitting in my postbox as well, a hand-numbered edition of 100 LPs only which includes a bonus C30 tape with even more intimate, beatless Ambient beauty served by Cass.. Ask your local dealer to hunt this one down for you.

05. Big City Orchestra - 6 Fairy Tales [Voluntary Whores Promo]
See review for details...

06. Martin Landsky - Ekko Traxx [Poker Flat Recordings 138 Promo]
See review for details... 

07. Les Clochards Du Monde - Etape [Major Label 057]
See review for details... 

08. Depeche Mode - Delta Machine [Columbia Records / Mute Records]
This one's a tricky one. Been listening to "Delta Machine" a few times via Spotify at the office before purchasing the double album on vinyl and I'm still not sure what to finally make of it but I realize that the album is growing on me more and more the more I listen to it and it truly has it moments although the big, goosebump Depeche Mode-moments and huge anthems are missing. Instead there's more deepness, more Electronic Blues and more wisdom, it's super-profound, intense and the late work of an aged band that totally has come to the essence of what they really want to do musically and say lyricwise. I'm pretty sure I'm going to fully embrace this album in a few years time and I'll never regret to have bought it although I wasn't convinced all over. Anyway, songs like "My Little Universe", "Slow" or "Alone" are those about to last forever, so give "Delta Machine" a try if you haven't checked the album yet.

09. Joasihno - A Lie [Alien Transistor]
See review for details... 

10. Kardiac - Play God [Hirntrust Grind Media Promo]
See review for details... 

Smiling Shadows 1998 - 2013: 15 Jahre Major Label [Major Label 060]

A double anniversary to celebrate these days - the 15th year of Major Label in the biz and it's 60th release in a massive catalogue including bands like Guts Pie Earshot, Verbrannte Erde, Kaltfront, Dyse, Brockdorff Klang Labor, Fliehende Stürme and many many more. But that label wasn't major if it would release a simple retrospective of what was. The Leipzig / Jena-based imprint always looks forward and that's why they put together a 24-track compilation with mostly exclusive songs provided by their wide ranged artist stable revolving around the landmarks of PostPunk, (No)Wave, Indie and beyond - all with a raw, unpolished and imminent, straight in yer face attitude. No additional polish, just uncut energy and an overall feeling reminiscing to the grey concrete of the pre-postsocialist era that's referred to as "the 80s" these days. There's rage, there's criticism and there's a will to revolt, to reclaim the streets in a way that means "fight the coppers" in a no no fun manner without being too punk'ish, there's despair, there's darkness and a need for change. Plus: a lot of anarchist humour like in Der Seuchenprinz' "Warane" or Indie'esque melancholia like in Brockdorff Klang Labors "Es". This is a portrait, a piece of history and a document of what it means to be a Major Label that is none. And we like that.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Big City Orchestra - 6 Fairy Tales [Voluntary Whores 007]

The ineluctable cassette label Voluntary Whores is back with its seventh release these days, once again served as so-called art tape with special packaging and - more important - for the first time featuring musical works crafted by one of the most persistent projects in experimental electronic music and beyond. Talking the late 1970s formed Big City Orchestra here, a loose collective with ever changing members that has - so far - released more than 90 albums since 1985 exploring various variations of eclectic experimentalism on labels like EE Tapes, Negative Foundation, Staalplaat, UBUIBI and many many more, the appearance of this name alone on Voluntary Whore will raise brows of those who know and expose the label to a wider audience of music lovers. Talking music, the Big City Orchestra does not deny its roots in analogue production and their love for plunderphonics as they're adding a lot of found samples and probably field recorded sounds into their tense, repetetive loop structures that sometimes do have - especially when it comes to "Fairy Tale 4" - a slightly ritual feel that is suddenly dissolved by a sweet innocent melody. Apart from this we see the occasional pulsating Drone / Dark Ambient references popping up in an expertly crafted way as well as deep, nerve grinding listening music with a bit of Hitchcock'esque tension and what seems to be a field recorded earthquake in slow motion. Tense and recommended.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Animalhouse - Neaternxtime (Official Music Video)

Brooklyn dope at the illest scale. Seems like the WordSound era continues soundwise although Animalhouse ain't connected to the camp. This one will be released via an European underground label in fall or later. Sick.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Kardiac - Play God [Hirntrust Grind Media 034]

Assuming that most of you have come across Kardiac's dark'ish "The Nest" video featured on these pages a while ago I think it's no surprise that the NYC Death Rap producer is now unleashing a new darkside audio assault via the Austrian Hirntrust Grind Media imprint, home of some of the sickest sound terrorists of today. Once again light years away from being mainstreamlined and minor friendly this grinding, pitched down killer tune is not only musically dark but also lyrically shocking in a way that blood stained flicks like "Saw" or "Hostel" seem to be harmless like Disneys "Arielle", displaying the deepest depths of (non?) human fantasies, taking them up from the darkest basements to the fog-induced nightlight of a sick society. Filed under the flag of Horrorcore discogs-wise but this is way beyond in terms of sickness.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

David Sardelle - Lass Uns Reden Über Franzbranntwein (Free Download)

146bpm MonoTech sickness with a hypnotic attitude. Bang your head against concrete walls!

Martin Landsky - Ekko Traxx [Poker Flat Recordings 138]

Recently put on the circuit via Poker Flat Recordings is Martin Landsky's new three track EP named "Ekko Traxx" - a sweet little 12" piece that perfectly infuses the classic label sound with the peak time essence extracted from the 25+ years lasting history of House music. The long time label associate brings in moody elements, combines them with ecstatic peak time stabs and vocal snippets as functional and seductive as these can get on "ET2", brings back stripped down Minimal Phonk on "ET1" and turns his head towards a deep Chicago-bassline driven late night feel with "Let It Snow" that starts with one solemn, slowly moving synth tone but is reminiscing to cold tripping Acid madness from time to time. A tune for the experienced DJs which really know how to ride the dark psyched out train musically.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Vincent Rohr - Come And Go EP [Reseul 007]

Igitt. DeepHouse mit pseudoverträumter Gniedelgitarre aus der Entspannungsabteilung des örtlichen Esoterikladens, dazu recht einfallslos programmierte Hi-Hats und einigem Schnickschnack, der wohl als balearisch durchgehen soll. Ausser der angenehm tiefgehenden Sinusbassline kommt hier wirklich jeder Sound aus der billigen Presetkiste und kassiert im Original noch nicht mal einen Noveltypunkt. Im Gegenteil, Produktionen dieser Art schüren Ängste und ich fürchte mich ernsthaft vor BanjoTechno und WaldhornHouse, obwohl gerade letztgenanntes im Original ein bezauberndes Instrument sein kann. Ioric verzichtet in seinem Remix glücklicherweise auf die Gitarre, liefert allerdings auch nicht mehr als austauschbare Stangenware, die recht schnell wieder vergessen ist. Für Ioric gibt es
2 Points (of 10)

This review was originally written for the German FAZE Magazine but wasn't featured in the print issue - due to this it's only available in German language.

There are more unpublished German only reviews sitting in my back archive which will be popping up on these pages irregularly from now on as I don't want them to be lost forever.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

03.05.2013 baze.djunkiii @ Mojo Jazz Cafe / Hamburg

After nearly a years time out baze.djunkiii is taking over some decks again for a quite spontaneously fixed pre-warmup show at Hamburg's Mojo Jazz Cafe before Dub Phizix & MC Strategy are on their Drum'n'Grime mission downstairs in the club which I'm really looking forward to.

For the pre-warmup expect a musical journey exploring the realms of Deep- and Broken House, Future Garage and the occasional UK Garage classics.

decks:  baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings]
scheduled set time: 21.00 - 00.00 GMT+1  

Mojo Jazz Cafe
Hamburg St. Pauli