Monday, February 28, 2022

Listen Again: baze.djunkiii presents Die Gesellschaft Ist Krank Volume 1 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (24.02.2022)

Sunday, February 27, 2022

S.E.T.I. - The Sphere Of Density [Zoharum 201]

Put out on the circuit via the Polish label Zoharum in early June, 2k20 but still one to look at is "The Sphere Of Density" - a double album effort thought up and executed by UK-based producer Andrew Lagowski under his artistic moniker that is S.E.T.I., the one the long standing artist usually employs for all things Ambient and Deep Listening Music related. Split in two parts, the limited to 500 copies album editions opens with a set of five studio compositions rolled out over the course of 74 minutes with whom Mr. Lagowski proves once again why he's considered one of the masters of slow, spatial sonic development and spaced out, sci-fi Ambient beauty with extended cuts like the most comforting "Maze" which simply hovers like a solitary sonic entity beyond space and time, oozing a field of plasmatic melancholia and beauteous harmonies over the course of its total playtime whereas pieces like "Only Dust" sonically depict the vastness of the universe, pairing atmospheric movements with eerie, transdimensional outbursts and significant tectonic shifts stretched over cosmic timescales whilst "11th Dimension", which can be considered to be the albums main piece in terms of its total playtime, brings forth raw and reprocessed fragments of radio communication in combination with icy, surely spine-tingling and somewhat bleak x hostile ColdAmbient structures, evoking illusions of deadly fumes pouring into the thin atmosphere of some distant exomoon located on the outer rim of the galaxy before providing some kind of angelic, ethereal relief. Furthermore the second CD provides us with a S.E.T.I. "Live Performance At XVIII Wroclaw Industrial Festival" which was captured in its entirety of 41 minutes. Starting off on a slightly harsher, more brooding and - suitably to its performative context - more Industrial-leaning tip we're drawn into a galaxy of ever morphing sonic shifts from the very beginning, slowly evolving into what might be well described - to German ravers of the 90s at least... - as Space Night Ambient before harsh, fragmented rhythm signatures take over for a second, providing the most danceable and dancefloor-friendly S.E.T.I. sequences we've heard in quite a while - if you're considering acts like Autechre, Funkstörung and the likes of to be dancefloor music, that is. Good stuff. Go get.

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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Trupa Trupa - B Flat A [Glitterbeat Promo]

Coming straight outta Gdansk, Poland are Trupa Trupa, a long standing band formation who're now back with their new album named "B Flat A" which has been released via Glitterbeat on February 11th, 2k22. With their new body of work, consisting of eleven new songs rolled out over the course of 38 minutes, beginning to form when and after a scheduled US-tour was cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the four piece band manifests another intriguing evolution of their already dense and vastly intense musical vision formed and informed by a relentless, thundering drum foundation and washed out, oftentimes reverberating guitar layers of doom accompanied by vocals deeply embedded within the overall mixdown yet adds a next level of threatening claustrophobia in pieces like the hammering, marching "Twitch" with its overwhelming wall-of-sound attitude whereas other bits like "Uniforms" uncover and explore a surprisingly Leftfield Pop x Indie x Shoegaze sensitivity whilst slightly psychedelic lo-fi ballads like "Lit" evoke memories of Augsburg's most missed Dhyana Records imprint, even progress further into cloudy, slow Beat(les)-informed Psychedelia only to come full circle with the Industrial-reminiscent, dystopian Funk-infused bleakness of "Uselessness" before rounding things off with a kind of whispering post-apocalyptic Wasteland x Desert Blues attitude in the concluding title track which, regarding certain events taking place throughout the past days, might turn out a way more suitable soundtrack for a new cold war era than Trupa Trupa ever imagined it to be. Check.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Benedicte Maurseth - Harr [Hubro Music]

Scheduled for release on February 25th, 2k22 - a.k.a. actually today - is "Harr", the latest album outing thought up and composed by Benedicte Maurseth. Released once again via Hubro Music the Norwegian composer, alongside selected collaborators and guest musicians, presents a new body of work rolled out over nine tracks and roughly 44 minutes total playtime, pairing her instrument of choice, the hardanger fiddle, played in a scenic, yet naturalistic way, with tender electronics and echoes of echoes of (Neo)Classical Chamber Music as well as Field Recordings captured in the mountains, hills and woods of the Hardanger region in Norway, Spoken Word fragments recorded alongside what seem to be trickling modular background textures - and cowbells (!) -, beautifully executed takes on melancholia ("Eidfryder") and even some things for Folk- x NordicFolk-focused open air dancefloors (a.k.a. meadows) like the albums opener "Harr" just to name a few. Defo one to love for all fans and followers of contemporary Nordic music.

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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Mandy Mozart - Love For Women [Vienna Struggle 007 Promo]

A concept-loaden thing, this. Techno meets Classical music. A composer '...raised as a man, now wishing to explore feminity and the struggles of women in music while feeling overwhelmed in the era of digitisation...' as the accompanying press sheet states and inspiration taken both from music and poetry of the 1800s, Robert Schumann and Adelbert Von Chamisso to be more precise. All squeezed into a total of nine pieces stretched over the course of roughly 50 minutes, crafted and conceived by Mandy Mozart alongside a total of nine collaborating artists - and four ppl responsible for the artwork altogether. This combination, released via the label Vienna Struggle as their 007 only recently, and especially the gender aspect of this album, could be a red flag for many reviewers to not touch this with a ten-foot-pole because any form of criticism or non-celebration of this could come back as a barrage fire of accusations of being 'anti-(whatever)' or '(whatever)phobic' in these overly sensitized, huffy and thin-skinned times. Yet we're giving this a go, leaving the political and sociological dimension out of the equation to solely focus on the music which is as artsy, conceptual, eclectic and artificial as one might've expected. Cold electronic atmospheres entangled in deep Electronica, occasional, sprinkled elements of (Neo)Classical piano tones, fragmented Spoken Words, dark, brooding, post-apocalyptic takes on electronically produced Leftfield Pop of truly cinematic qualities ("Mit Leidenschaft"), somewhat obscure attempts to amalgamate club-focused 4/4 bassdrums and elements of classical music whilst simply ignoring the basic framework and structure inherent in and innate to functional DJ music as well as partially vocal-led PostDubstep x Bassmusic, takes on Ambient x Deep Listening Music and more. A well difficult, heady longplayer that surely presents a few highlights, yet - like many other concept-driven albums as well - lacks true cohesion and flow or simply aims at an audience more focused on the idea of a gesamtkunstwerk and intellectual approach rather than just the music in itself.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Robbie Lee - Prismatist [Relative Pitch Records]

Another relatively fresh album on the US-based Relative Pitch Records imprint is "Prismatist" - the latest, 14 tracks and roughly 37 minutes spanning longplay effort created by NYC's Robbie Lee, performer and improviser who employed a saxophone and tuning forks in early July of 2k18 to record the music featured on this one in an empty house somewhere, without any additional overdubs. Released on November 5th, 2k21 "Prismatist" is providing a musical ark built of miniatures spanning from harsh, spiralling FreeJazz / Free Improv workouts to tender, inward-looking and almost Electronica / Ambient resembling pieces like the most beautiful, timelessly floating "The Expanded Present", contemporary, minimalist Avantgarde compositions x Minimal Music in "Dot Dash", imagined echoes of brittle radio static and lost, fragmented AM transmissions in "Timecode" and deep, timeless and almost computational arrangements with a well intriguing retrofuturist attitude in "Colorfield" alongside many more improvised solo Jazz pieces just to name a few. Quite a diverse album coming out of such a minimalist array of tonal sources.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

baze.djunkiii Chart Haul 02/2k22

Monday, February 21, 2022

24.02.2022 baze.djunkiii presents Die Gesellschaft Ist Krank Volume 1 @ Radio Flouka / Paris (2200 GMT+1)

It's been almost 25 years since Hamburg-based Radio Flouka resident baze.djunkiii, a young and aspiring DJ as well as already an avid fan of most leftfield and off-kilter electronic music at the time, launched „Die Gesellschaft Ist Krank“ as a bi-weekly event series / DJ night in some small obscure bar located at the heart of Hamburg's famed redlight district. A first step which soon led to regular radio appearances which led to more DJ sets, the launch of his label Intrauterin Recordings and everything that followed up to this very point. And even though those „Die Gesellschaft Ist Krank“ sessions are long gone it is about time to revive the name, once again celebrating the weird, rare, obscure and most experimental side of electronic music - from Electroacoustic composition to blaring Noize, from collage and cut-up works to DarkAmbient, Industrial and everything in between. A well curious selection not necessarily for the faint-hearted.

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / El Caballo Semental]

file under: Drone / DarkAmbient / Experimental

transmission time: 22oo - 23oo GMT+1

get locked via Radio Flouka

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Aspidistrafly - Altar Of Dreams [Kitchen. Label 033 Promo]

Scheduled for release on February 25th, 2k22 via their very own Kitchen. Label as their 033 is "Altar Of Dreams", the forthcoming album outing by Singaporean duo Aspidistrafly - and their first full on studio longplay recording since 2011. Together, the duos members April Lee and Ricks Ang, alongside several contributing guest musicians, present their updated sonic vision stretched out over 9 brand new recordings and a total playtime of roughly 34 minutes, diving deep into scenic, yet haunting and ethereal sound collages in the opening piece that is "How To Meet A Marblewing" before progressing into a combination of naturalistic, innocent Folk attitude and somewhat kitsch-y, piano-led songwriting, soft, surreal and almost dreamlike interludes like "Interlude: Chrysalis And Larvae" whereas pieces like "Moonmilk" cater beautifully arranged, delay-driven Folk guitar loops in combination with emotionally touching synth pads for moments of inward-looking reflection whilst the title track "Altar Of Dreams" provides a tender, yet highly dramatic attitude to cinematic ballads just to name a few. A well beautiful piece of what could be classified as a lovechild of Folk, Indietronics and Leftfield Pop conceived in a not so bizarre love triangle.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Lagowski - Secrets Of Numbers [Zoharum 198]

Incoming via mail from UK-based producer Andrew Lagowski a.k.a. Lagowski only recently is "Secrets Of Numbers", the April 2020 released album by the long-standing figure who's been on the electronic music circuit since 1982 and has been invlvd into other musical ventures even before that. Released on the Polish imprint that is Zoharum we see Lagowski venturing into various forms of electronic dance music on this ten tracks and 76 minutes spanning longplayer, starting out with the polished chrome take on complex futuristic UK Techno named "RUR", progressing further into dark and brooding, claustrophobic sci-fi Electro territories with the hyper-tense "Bomkele" whilst "Pulse" represents the playful, yet clean and polyrhythmic side of all things IDM and even evokes memories of early Plaid and the likes of. With "Huhu 5 Mix 1b" we're drawn straight into the very heart of a bleak, neon-lit underground Techno dancefloor of questionable legality located at least three storeys beneath street level, "Fimber" stays well in the (UK)Techno lane yet shifts gears both in tempo and intensity, employing a minimalist and somewhat Industrial-informed attitude whereas the subsequent "CreepOhmski" and its dramatic synth intro harks back to a vibe representing both early 90s Techno and the late 80s NuBeat scene to a certain extent, with its - well... - creepy, outerworldly vocal re-processings sending shivers down every punter spine before "Rotator's View" weighs in quite a bit of expertly sculpted, stripped down ElectroPhonk for those specifically appreciating a certain variety of TechnoJazz once pioneered by the likes of Steve Stoll and - to a lesser extent - even Cari Lekebusch. See his 1996-released "Tracks & Fragments" 12" on Loop Records for a reference. Furthermore with "Huhu 3 Mix 1e" we're back on the dancefloor, losing our souls to the dark side whilst stomping away to a seemingly endless meandering string of minimalist Desolation Techno, "Birth" takes Bass Music-infused ElectroPhonk to a new level with its highly syncopated rhythm signatures and anthemic synth motif whilst the concluding cut that is "Time Is An Abyss" slowly, yet relentlessly drills down into the darkest, most ominous vaults hidden deep within your soul, ready to unleash your innermost demons through extended sonic surgery and atmospheric ultraphonk operations. Recommended. Get.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Jessica Pavone - When No One Around You Is There But Nowhere To Be Found [Relative Pitch Records]

Released via US-based label Relative Pitch Records on January 28th, 2k22 is "When No One Around You Is There But Nowhere To Be Found", the latest four track album outing conceived by composer x violinist Jessica Pavone. Rolled out over the course of 31 minutes the New Yorker presents a Manhattan-recorded body of work which is starting out on a piercing, droning high- to midrange frequency tip before the opener "Performance Novels" actually turns into an extended piece of yearning, slightly off-kilter ModernClassical avantgarde for those able to take in quite a bit of unnerving intensity whereas the albums title bearing track seems to be stuck in an electronically based processing loop for a while before taking a full on turn towards a folksy, naturalist and probably ancient instrumental narrative. With the subsequent "Only In Dreamz" we see Jessica Pavone dabbling with eerie, otherworldly and multi-layered reprocessings of her very own voice, creating a dreamlike labyrinth of un-reality whilst the concluding piece that is "Aednat" brings forward an attempt to close the albums cycle, once again starting from a piercing, droning and near static perspective before progressing into processed, yet melancholia-inducing trembling (Neo)Classical movents which are meant to resonate with both genre conaisseurs as well as fans and followers of experimental Ambient and ethereal, brittle electro-acoustic composition for a reason. Avantgarde music of a well accessible kind. Check.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

NO MORE - Suicide Commando [El Caballo Semental 002 / STUTE002-grey]

Format: 7“, second pressing, grey vinyl, additional stamp on label. limited to 600 copies

Label: El Caballo Semental
Cat.No.: STUTE002-grey

A1: Suicide Commando
B1: In A White Room

File under: PostPunk / Wave

The year is 1981. The Kiel-based PostPunk / Wave underground outfit NO MORE releases their second ever single „Suicide Commando“ and their world changes forever. Well, not only their world – THE world.

What began as an independently published 7“ single became a cult classic, a genre defining – and defying – song, an all-time dancefloor favorite of many, a timeless signature piece that escaped its original realm of PostPunk x Wave x Indie x Alternative to also become engrained in the DNA of modern electronic dancefloor culture most prominently in the beloved late 90s permutation presented by DJ Hell which became a classic in its own right.

Now the year is 2021. Four decades have passed and NO MORE's „Suicide Commando“ is back once again - well... the song actually never left! -, this time harking back to the very beginning, the original vibe and the original format.

Remastered and re-released with the original tracklisting and paying homage to the original artwork „Suicide Commando“ will be available in 7“ format for the first time since 1981.

And staying true to the underground blueprint this 40th anniversary re-release edition once again is put out on the circuit through a small independent label: the Intrauterin Recordings offspring El Caballo Semental which also released NO MORE's „123456789 *baze.djunkiii & Herr Brandt Dream A NuDream Remix“ as a limited to 200 copies one-sided, colored whitelabel 7“ edition in 2019.

RELEASE DATE: February 16th, 2k22

Monday, February 14, 2022

Ava Mendoza - New Spells [Relative Pitch Records / Astral Spirits]

Put out on the circuit as a conjunctional release effort shared in between Relative Pitch Records and Astral Spirits on November 26th, 2k21 is "New Spells", the latest full length album outing created and conceived by Brooklyn-based guitar player x composer Ava Mendoza who's presenting a total of five pieces stretched over roughly 40 minutes on her newest body of work, working her way through meandering labyrinths of electric blues guitar imaginations, sometimes tender and intricate, sometimes twangy and sometimes fiery and heavily distorted, telling extended instrumental tales of hard work, lived lives and long trips into the farthest corners of whichever desert is located close to you at this point in time. Music for endless rides on dusty, dead straight highways cutting through arid landscapes for hundreds of miles on end.

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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Staffan Brasjö - Stratosfär [SB 001]

Coming in via mail all the way from Sweden these days is "Stratosfär", the new and self-released album outing by composer x piano-player x choir-conductor Staffan Brasjö which is set for release on February 18th, 2k22. Creating an album roughly based on the conceptual layers of the earths stratosphere - hence: "Stratosfär" - Brasjö lays down a musical score which he, alongside collaborating artists x performers Josefin Runsteen and Vilhelm Bromander, rolls out over the course of nine tracks and a total playtime of roughly 40 minutes, covering a musical range from tender, playful and somewhat introvert piano-led Jazz pieces like "Blidväder (Thaw)", moving forward to the more folksy, naturalistic "Archaeopteryx" which could've provided the soundtrack to formal x courtly dances in times of yore whilst diving deep into (Neo)Classical x Contemporary classical ambience and panoramic strings works in the albums title track as well as nightly Jazz Noir featuring elegic violins and ethereal clouds of plinkering piano tones in "Himlavalvets Mekanik" just to name a few. Defo a well heart warming and intimate album best listened to with a loved one by your side.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

EL / NeUe - Krank [Kulturinstutisjonen Piivv 041]

Coming in from Norway only recently and seemingly released in June of 2k21 is "Krank", the latest album outing thought up by the duo of Askild Hagen and Hakon Johnson operating under the name of EL / NeUe, a reincarnation or 2k21 spin-off of the former Norwegian band x project EL which put out a cassette demo as well as a 7" single in 1985 and 1987 respectively before vanishing into obscurity for more than three decades. Now they're back on the circuit, presenting a body of work rolled out over 11 songs and approx. 44 minutes runtime, put out on the circuit as a limited to 200 copies CD album via the underground label Kulturinstutisjonen Piivv, providing a musical arc running from deep, dreamy Synthwave x ethereal (Neo)Cosmic in the opener "Prosopagnosia" to dark, dramatic Goth elegies to be found in the subsequent "Ich Bin Krank" to fascinating, yet dark SynthPop hypermelancholia in "Til A Begynne Med Skjedde Det Heller Ingenting" or "Short Song". Furthermore, songs like the ingeniously titled "(I Wish I Was) Billie Eilish' Grandmother *Album Edit" provide thundering beats for strobe-lit Goth / EBM dancefloors, "Mannen Uten Ansikt" amalgamates thrilling organo-mechanical grooves and cinematic vintage synth pads to a well cinematic, yet dancefloor-friendly effect whereas "Jeg Er Overveldet Av Min Egen Godhet *Album Edit" harks back to brooding SynthPop of yore whilst the concluding cut "Nar Er Det Pa Tide" which sees Ellady on microphone duties for the second time on this longplayer, once again provides a sense of ethereal beauty found in darkness just to name a few. Quite a beautiful and emotionally touching come back after all these years which is one to check out for all those drawn to the darker, melancholia-infused side of life, yet slightly flawed by the somewhat muffled and mushy overall mixdown which might be either intended and therefore to be regarded as a stylistic choice or probably a result of a diy underground approach to mixing and mastering a.k.a. the lack of access to a high end studio console and a professional sound engineer. Nonetheless, well charming and and interesting addition to every music collection.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Liz Allbee - Rille [Relative Pitch Records]

Put out on the circuit via the US-based label Relative Pitch Records on October 22nd, 2k21 is "Rille", the latest, seven track spanning album by composer x trumpet player Liz Allbee who's been active on the longplay circuit since 2005. Stretched out over the course of pretty much exactly 40 minutes playtime we see Liz Allbee pairing low Electronica pulses with sparse, yet atmospheric textures and a layer of brittle, whispering voices buried deep within the mix from the very first moments of the calm, yet somewhat dramatic opener "To The Moon" onwards whereas the subsequent "Rille Estate" offers a more brooding, low frequency dependent take on textural Ambient whilst microtonal air flows and fragmented Spoken Word sequences seemingy recorded through a telephone provide spine-tingling tension before "Walls & Windows" opens a short window into the realm of minimalist DarkJazz. Furthermore "All The Light Let In" amalgamates a combination of Clicks'n'Cuts, more Spoken Word and an ominous IDM / Electronica foundation reminiscent of The Future Sound Of London in their heydays, "Tectonic Foundations" adds more of a bleak minimalist Future Tribal vibe and intense, dark'ish minor piano chords as well as haunting non-vocalisms to the mix whilst "Kaspar Hauser" finally fuses Dark Ambient and LeftfieldFolk / FreakFolk to a most beautiful effect and the subsequent "Burrows" even dabbles with super stripped down Deep Listening Music on the extreme a.k.a. lowest end of the audible spectrum for a closing. A highly recommended album, this.

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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Listen Again: DJ Blazik & baze.djunkiii Mix Session on RAVE FM [320] (06.02.2k22)

Monday, February 07, 2022

OUT NOW: baze.djunkiii - Booty. [Intrauterin Tapes 010]

The year is 2k22 and the mixtape vibe is still strong.

It's here. Finally. The 10th release since the label initially launched back in 2001 and therefore Intrauterin Tapes is proud to present „BOOTY.“ - the next instalment of the series put together by Intrauterin Recordings mastermind baze.djunkiii. A frantic celebration of original DJ culture and a bass- and 808-heavy journey into the realm of dirty ghetto anthems, classic booty bangerz and hard hitting underground cuts covering a musical spectrum from Electro to GhettoBass and stripped down Chicago Basement tracks. 100% vinyl, two decks and a classic battle mixer is all it needs to get things going. Resistance is futile. You will rave to this.

File under: Electro / GhettoBass / Chicago Basement

Limited edition of 100 copies.

Worldwide distribution via Word And Sound / Hamburg.

Sunday, February 06, 2022

Brainwaltzera - Itsame [Film 007 Testpressing]

In the making for the longest of time and therefore sitting in our 'stuff to review' test pressing crates for a couple of months is "Itsame", the sophomore album by the highly acclaimed producer that is Brainwaltzera. Finally set for release on April 1st, 2k22 via Film as their FILMLP007 the successor to the 2017 firstling "Poly-Ana" sees Brainwaltzera weighing in a total of 17 tracks spread out over a 2LP format, collecting tracks and compositions created over a four years period whilst covering a musical spectrum from tender Ambient pads and soft piano melodies paired with Jungle-informed basslines and rhythm signatures to playful Phonk etudes, twangy, dubbed out guitar sketches, ethereal IDM x Electronica musings, emotional Downbeat pieces like "re: laps (roll with ID)", swinging, deep Electro cuts for late night x after party sets as well as masterfully executed braindance bang0rz like "Consent" alongside wonderfully absurd titles like "A Star Is Bored" or "PROVE UR NOT A ROWBOAT [SKIPPER]" just to name a few which, in this setting, all fall together in a manner that fulfills all requirements for "Itsame" to become most likely one of the most widely recognized Electronica albums of 2k22 so far.

Friday, February 04, 2022

06.02.2k22 baze.djunkiii presents Clashment Volume 6 @ Rave FM 98.5 / Krakow, Poland

decks: baze.djunkiii [Intrauterin Recordings / Combat Dubs]

file under: Grime / Dubstep / UK Urban / Bass Music

Get ready for some original raw pirate radio vibes! Back once again on the Polish broadcasting circuit baze.djunkiii weighs in his first contribution to the famed 'Mix Session' show hosted by DJ Blazik in 2k22 which will be a ruff and well eclectic selection of original Grime, Dubstep and general Bassmusic classics. To be broadcasted via Rave FM 98.5 / Krakow this might be the first ever full on dedicated 60 minutes DJ mix coverage of these sub heavy styles on the station and therefore a premiere not to be missed if you're in and around Krakow or cities like Bydgoszcz or Bielsko Biala this Sunday evening.

transmission start: 1800 Krakow time

short term schedule will be posted at the stations facebook page!

Get locked to Rave FM 98.5 on your FM dial locally in Krakow / Poland!

Also tune in via 99.5FM in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz as well as via 108.0FM in Bielsko Biala.

Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Mark Hand & Neil Iceton - Holiday In Beta Centauri [Innate 005]

The term Intelligent Dance Music x Intelligent Techno might be widely shunned amongst punters and fans of electronic music these days but perfectly applies to all of the four tracks featured on the forthcoming 12" release on the highly recommended Innate label. Go check!

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

baze.djunkiii Charts 02/2k22

01. From Nursery To Misery - Tree Spirits [Dark Entries Records 284]
What a wondrous and spine-tingling gem this re-issue is. Recorded in the period between 1989 and 1991 in Basildon, UK out of all places From Nursery To Misery, comprised of identical twin sisters Tina and Gina Fear alongside Lee Stevens, laid down a series of songs published on two self-released cassette albums as well as several compilation tapes, creating a fascinatingly unique sonic universe somewhere in between the echoes of Punk, Industrial, bleak SynthPop, Wave x (No)Wave and the British equivalent of the Ingenious Dilettantes movement. Eleven songs of raw, ethereal and outerworldy beauty, floating beyond the restrictions of any given or defined genre aesthetics, lyrically naive yet filled with a certain criticism of the existing social and economic system of the time, performed with childlike intonation and vocals oftentimes out of tune with the underlying foundation. Which, to subsume this briefly, makes "Tree Spirits" one of the freshest, most interesting and most inspiring albums we've heard in a while and probably immediately onto the list of our favorite albums of all time. Check "Poison", "My Life In Shatters" or the eerie "Say Goodbye (To The Deep Blue Sky)" for potentially life-changing hit singles. Essential.

02. The Mountain People - Ocean Me [Mountain People 018]
The Switzerland-based imprint that is Mountain People is at it again with their latest 12" which brings on quite a catchy surprise with its opening cut named "Iterate". Instead of sticking to their usual formula of expertly crafted House and DeepHouse which still applies to the A2 and B1 cut on this single, "Iterate" provides a friendly, playful and dancefloor functional take on Electro perfectly suitable for small, intimate late night dancefloors and underground venues hidden deep within the heart of a cities red light district. If you're a fan of the UK-based Innate label you will know - and most likely highly appreciate - what this main cut is all about.

03. -

04. -

05. -

06. -

07. -

08. -

09. -

10. -